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Currently we have 10 Green Bag Lady Chapters:

USA Chapters:
Denver Area, Colorado (Teresa VanHatten-Granath)
Nashville, Tennessee (Ann Wehby + April Simpkins)
Knoxville, Tennessee (Sara Klisz)
Brewster, New York (Dorene Battles)
Minneapolis, Minnesota (Jen Madsen + Lisa Hoon)
Dallas, Texas (Haylee Hall)
Hopkinton, MA (Pat Doucette)

Netherlands (Miranda Hoogenbosch)
Chilliwack, CANADA (Linda Ingram)
Australia (Anna Davey)

Are you interested in starting a chapter in your area? We would love it if you are! Start by learning about Green Bag Lady by watching this video.

Still interested? I would love to chat with you. Chapters consist of 1 or more people who make 10 or more bags per month. It's a great way to break into a neglected fabric stash!

Please email me, let's talk! Teresa

Contact:  greenbagladyinfo(at)gmail(dot)com