ANNOUNCING: Parker, Colorado Chapter!!!

My friend Marianne is one of the cutest, sweetest people I know. She was among my first helpers of Green Bag Lady Denver when I moved to Colorado. She has sewn the handles on 100s of bags! However, a couple of years ago she moved to Parker, CO making it more difficult for her to attend the meetings at my house. She would still come once in a while and was able to make it this last Sunday. As you can see below, she makes bags all the time for various causes. I asked her if she would like to simply start her own chapter in Parker and she immediately agreed! We both can't believe we hadn't thought of this before. I do hope that Marianne will still come to the Denver meetings once in a while as we adore seeing her (and listening to her Australian accent!). YAY! Excited about another Colorado chapter! Thanks Marianne--Teresa

Here's a few photos of me with bags for you to choose from for the Parker chapter announcement.
My blog address is:
People can follow the chapter progress there, I'll set up a page on that blog. It also has links to my (paper piecing quilting) books etc so that's an easy one click place for info about me and the new chapter.
Bagette Marianne

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