How to enter a FREEBIE

How to enter a FREEBIE by leaving a comment.

1. You have entered the blog in your browser.

2. Near the top of the center column, notice the post "...FREEBIE!"
NOTE: These instructions may cover the FREEBIE post. Try using a different tab.

3. Read the post, as you wish.

4. At the bottom of the post, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

5. At the very end of the post, click on the word "comments"

6. This will show you the comments that others have left,
AND provide a place to leave your own.

7. Read some of the other comments, as you wish.

8. Enter your own comment, which must include your email. To minimize spam, we suggest this format: emailname(at)mail(dot)com

9. ALL COMMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH. Do the best you can.

10. We prefer you use your name rather than anonymous.

Good Luck.


P.S. I welcome suggestions to improve these instructions.