Photo Finish Friday (Sat)

This is the view I woke up to this morning. I love the aspen trees turning gold and orange. I have a walk planned later to take even more photos. So far today I have made soup, cookies, done laundry, put together some dining chairs and house cleaning, you? Have a good one! Teresa


I love these photos. Look how much fun they are having. I just know they knocked out those 70 bags in no time! Great job ladies and Iron Man (they guy who irons!). The conference attendees will adore them! Teresa 

Sewing 70 bags for a conference on Sept 24 that we thought was going to be cancelled due to covid but it is still on! They buy new bags if they don't have enough so we wanted to make enough.

Bagettes Ingeborg + Dieuwertje, Chapter Coordinators


UPDATE: Berlin, Germany Chapter

This is FANTASTIC! I know that Audrey (second from left, first photo) and her team of Bagettes have been working for months to get apple fabric and make many many bags for this event. I mean, how adorable are the fabrics they used for bags. Many huge thanks to the companies Audrey mentions below who donated material for the bags. Love them all and love Green Bag Lady Germany for their continued amazing efforts on the fabric bag mission! Teresa

It was a wonderful day at the Apple Festival in Wildenbruch: visitors were thrilled by the colorful apple bags and our volunteer work against plastic bags. Some have signed up to cooperate, Hurrah👏 or will provide us with fabric donation.
We would like to thank Westfalenstoffe AG, @prestigioustextiles, the fest organization and everyone who participated!

Bagette Audrey
Chapter Coordinator
Berlin, Germany
(and all of Germany!)

Photo Finish Friday

Today's image is courtesy of hubby who snapped this pic at the top of Sand Mountain near our cabin. He was out scouting some elk up there. That's Steamboat Lake and Hahns Peak. Man, Colorado is gorgeous! I hope you have a great weekend. I will be sewing, no surprise there! XOXO--Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I am in full on pouch assembly over here. I'll have to count all of them when I am finished. I'm stocking up for 2 booth sales in November and may do a sale at my house if time permits. I cut all the fabric first, then quilt them all, then put in zippers and finish them off. So many steps. So many fun fabrics. I have piles of stuff everywhere! Hope you are working on some fun things! Teresa

My Poor Flowers

Most of my poor flowers are super sad. I can only have geraniums and marigolds on my front porch due the deer thinking any other flowers are salad for them. :) I can do a lot more variety on my back deck since the deer don't climb spiral stairs. Ha. My Rio Dipladenia get more gorgeous every day but the rest of the plants on my deck (last photo) were the victims of Japanese beetles and cut worms. Ugh. How is your garden growing? Teresa

Yesterday Run

I've been running later in the evenings because it is cooler. But, I also just like that time of day when things are shutting down. I love how the moon is peaking out from behind the clouds in this photo. Happy Monday! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I've been sewing like crazy, trying to keep my mind on things other than the pandemic, forest fires, climate change, etc. It's all a lot. I've also been playing a lot of tennis and enjoying the great outdoors. I'm excited for my run on Sunday. Anyone want to virtually join me? Let me know! Have an excellent weekend. :) Teresa


Workday Wednesday

As always, I've been busy!

Photos 1 & 2) custom order for kid's masks from a person in my neighborhood 

Photo 3) custom baby hoop order for Bagette April :)

Photos 4 & 5) weekend sewing at the cabin, finished pouches and ones half finished with zippers

Photo 6) giant pile of cut out pouches from the last 2 days (prepping for holiday sales!)

What are you working on? XOXO--Teresa 


We were up at the cabin last weekend and I was surprised by all the hints of fall. Are you ready? I guess it's time. My tennis leagues are officially over, the kids are back in school, and the weather is more pleasant. I do love those oranges, yellow and reds! Teresa