Denver Aquarium!

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I and a visiting friend all went to the Denver Aquarium. It was great! It wasn't super huge or extensive, but perfect for a 2 hour visit.
 They even had a mermaid show! Little Girl has always loved mermaids so it kinda made her day.

And, we got to see a turtle laying dozens of eggs! See the ping pong ball shaped things below the turtle? Eggs! She was simply swimming around dropping eggs in the water. SO cool to see!
 Jellyfish, gotta love the jellyfish. Always one of my favorites.
 Couldn't resist this photo op.
 They had a "pet a stingray" pond. Little Man thought it was awesome.
 They were almost like dogs the way they would swim up to be pet!
 Fun was had by all.
Do tell what adventures you are having this summer, I would love to hear about it! Teresa

Independence Day WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 14 Green Bag Lady Independence Day shopping bags are:

Kitty K, TX
Paula H, MO
Nataliia P, FRANCE
Yuliya M, RUSSIA

Amanda G, OH
Kevin P, CA
Joan P, KS
Jamie F, TN
Francine P, MA

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The emails will look like this:
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Independence Day FREEBIE!

The 4th of July is right around the corner…already! To celebrate, let's get festive bags into the hands of 14 lucky winners. How about it?
To enter to win a BAG (open to everyone, world-wide):
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•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 9pm (PST) Tuesday, June 21. (winners will be notified no later than June 22 via email and here on the blog so CHECK BACK!)

Don't forget to leave us your email! We will only contact you if you win. 

We will randomly pick 14 people to win.

One entry per person. If you enter more than once, all your entries will be disqualified.

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Good luck!!!!! Teresa

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Photo Finish Friday

Can never get enough of the CO sky.
Very cool art. The sewing one!


These look yummy!

I've been to Glacier but didn't see this. I need to go back!

So true.

Amazing and reminds me so much of this show.

Hope you are having a good start to your weekend. We have a lot going on including getting an exchange student from Mexico tomorrow. She is the daughter of one of the exchange students my family hosted when I was in college. Gotta love that! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

What have I done this past week? I can't even remember, time is flying by so quickly! I had to look at the photos on my phone to remind myself. I made a cover for a very large wood burning pizza oven for my friend Bagette Sheila. She and her husband were thrilled. It has velcro down the front for ease of removal.
I hosted a 60th birthday party for my friend Lori on my tennis ream. She is in the floral top in the middle, doesn't she look great? You might recognize Bagette Danny on the far right. We sew and play tennis together!
Big Girl hosted an Interstellar party here last night. Little Girl and I made dessert. Alien cupcakes…
 and outer space with a sun cake of course…
Oh, and I did make 11 of these towels for a tennis team in New Jersey, hope they enjoy them! I still have some sewing to do, some shower curtains to hem for our community center. Hope you have had a good week! Teresa

UPDATE: The Netherlands, Achterhoek Region Chapter

The Netherlands Achterhoek Region has been very busy making bags in Holland to hand out to students. Look how excited they are to get bags! Way to go and keep up the GREAT work! Teresa

Shoe Crush

I just learned about Veja on Treehugger. Nice! Their shoes are made from recycled/organic cotton and  sustainable rubber. YAY! And, how cute is this pair pictured above? If I needed sneakers, I'd jump on these in a hot second. Teresa

Ukraine Bag!

Dear Teresa, Dear Mr. VanHatten

Please forgive me for long silence, we had a truly terrible rainy weather this May, so I couldn't take a decent picture outside. However, I am sending you the shot of your lovely bag #36717 which has travelled all the way to the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv-city! I can't say that this picture is decent enough since I am not a photogenic person (and I do not like myself on this pic), but the BAG seems to be very photogenic for both of us:) It looks thin but do not be deceived by it - inside we had few bottles of juice plus petty groceries (one of the bottles of the same color as the bag I actually have in my hands). The bag is definitely a very helpful thing - it takes little space, it is as light as a feather, it will not tear easily as plastic bags do and will not soak and fall apart as paper bags tend to, and above all it is an eco bag and, damn, its stylish and trandy, so again, thank you a whole million for such wonderful present!!! It will be my little helper from now on The second bag - striped one #36718 has found itself a home at my parents place - I just had to spread the word on #BeFabric vibe!

All the best to your hardworking team and let the Green Bag way of life

From Ukraine with admiration,

Photo Finish Friday

Gotta love this time of year here!
To do with Green Bag Lady bags!!! Maybe a future freebie!

I'd love to DIY this.

Always a no brainer.


Need to try.

How is this possible???

I'm off to get ready for the weekend. I'm hosting a surprise birthday tomorrow and then my sewing ladies on Sunday. Always a treat to see them. What are you up to? Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I was up to my eyeballs in alterations this past Saturday but am happy to report they are all out the door! As you may recall, we had guests here last week. On Friday, I made it a point to spend extra time with my godchild (went to her First Communion in Nashville recently). She wanted some clothes for her American Girl doll. Yes! It's been ages since I have made doll clothes. It was so fun to make them again. She really wanted some shoes so little white tennies it was…
 And a skirt and shirt, she picked out the colors…
 The whole ensemble…
And, I made some little pajamas for her doll too and could not resist making this sweet girl some pajama shorts as well…
And, I finally got some patio covers made for our deck. It is important to protect things from the elements here in Colorado!
I still have another cover to make for Bagette Sheila. She has an awesome wood burning pizza oven on her deck. I hope to finish it tomorrow. What about you? Making, baking, enjoying the weather? Do tell. Teresa