A Mountain Weekend

Hubby and I went up to our Steamboat cabin for a 3 day weekend. So great. Yummy food with friends, mountain air, a boat ride, a flock of pelicans (!) a Sunday run, AND blooming daffodils! And, when I say daffodils, I'm talking hundreds of them. The people who owned the place before us planted tons of bulbs of at least 15 varieties and they are all over the property. Yellow, orange, peach, white, big, small, medium, anything you can imagine in a daffodil is there and I love it! I brought some back with me and am now enjoying the burst of color every time I walk in my kitchen. Hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend too. XOXO--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Enjoying fresh mountain air this weekend. Planning on a run tomorrow, sooo many daffodils out as well as tiny little Lanceleaf Spring Beauties and Glacier Lilies everywhere. Man, I ❤️ spring. Hope you have some fun plans. XOXO—Teresa


Weekend in Philly with Big Girl (links in Photo Finish Friday post):

1-3) Eastern State Penitentiary, super interesting audio tour. Highly recommend.

4-5) Barnes Foundation Museum, so incredible. Also highly rec.

6) Lots of gorgeous murals in Philadelphia.

7) Hubby and Big Girl did her fav workout, boxing. I wasn't feeling well so I got coffee instead. :(

8-9) Betsy Ross House. Big Girl has a part time job there. It's very cool. I HAD to take a pic of myself in her sewing room, right? Fun fact, Betsy Ross was not a seamstress, she was an upholsterer. I think they need tees that say, "Betsy is my bestie." I would have totally bought one!

10) Lots of fun food and delicious drinks.

Best part of course was hanging with our first born. She made a great itinerary and we did most of it! Love that girl with all my heart. :) Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Ya ya, I know it's Sunday. Just got home from a whirlwind weekend visiting Big Girl in Philly where she lives and works. Hubby and I flew in Thursday and did SO MUCH in 2 days. Eastern State Penitentiary (photo of one of the cells with a mirrored art installation), Barnes Museum (110 Renoirs!!!), Giorgio on Pine for dinner, boxing class (Big Girl's fav exercise), PJ Clarkes for lunch, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, lots of walking and food. :) We had a blast to say the least and I even made it back in time to fit in my Sunday run. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight! Hope you had a great weekend--Teresa

Montana Bags!

I was so honored when my friend Erika reached out to me to ask if Green Bag Lady bags could be given away at her book signings. Of course! I'm thrilled to be a tiny part of her journey as an amazing cancer survivor. Her book launches on June 27 and will be available on Amazon. Cheers to your Erika for so many things, having an attitude of gratitude and for being a lovely "bag model!" XOXO--Teresa


Thank you for sending Green Bag Lady bags for my upcoming "Cancer & Other Things I'm Grateful For" book tour! I'm excited to offer these handmade fabric bags for FREE at each of my events this summer. I will make sure people promise to use them instead of paper or plastic.

Erika K. Wolf
Sula, Montana


UPDATE: New Zealand Chapter

Who could not love this update? LOVE everything, the patches out of scrap material, the drawstring idea and the great use of Christmas fabrics. So great. Thanks Bagettes Olive and Cathy for all you are doing to promote the use of fabric bags over plastic or paper. Keep up the amazing work, I know it is much appreciated by all who get the fun bags! Teresa


Hi Teresa--

We have been quietly working away here in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Our Quilt guild community sewing group had heaps of Christmas fabric donated and we've made drawstring bags for our neonatal unit to wrap some Christmas gifts in to give to those parents with babies who are in hospital over Christmas. These drawstring bags are the same dimensions as Green Bag Lady bags but drawstrings instead of handles so gifts don't fall out. The parents will receive a small bassinet quilt made by members of Rose City Quilters and a teddy donated from a local stationary shop. 

Also Cathy and I have been decorating 40 calico bags for our local library for wellness bags for children who are at home sick and they send books and puzzles for children to occupy themselves. The library supplied calico bags. We also have continued with making library and shopping bags out of our large stash of donated  fabric.

Bagettes Olive and Cathy from New Zealand 

Photo Finish Friday

And, another pic from same day as last Photo Finish Friday. Torrential downpours and lightening prevented the Taylor Swift concert from starting on time (630p). Taylor didn’t take stage til 10p and by that time we had spent so much time getting soaked we were all rockin’ the “drowned rat” aesthetic. However, she put on a great show and it was a really fun time with my girls. We didn’t get back to our hotel until 245am! I finally made it back to Colorado Tuesday (where it has continued to rain all week) and have been a zombie since. Hugs to all and hope you have a great (and dry!) weekend—Teresa😊❤️🌧️

Photo Finish Friday

A tad late posting cuz I was traveling to my old hometown of Nashville to attend the Taylor Swift concert tonight with my daughters. Yay! AND, bonus, I got to stay with Bagette Ann and see more Bagettes today. Yippee! We are working our way to the stadium now and hoping the weather holds. Everyone cross their fingers! 🎢🎡🐍❤️😊 Teresa

South Carolina Science Center Event

I love this! My friend Anne (blue shirt first photo) works at a wonderful science center in South Carolina near Clemson (where I was in grad school with her husband) and asked if I would send bags for their Earth Day event. Of course! I love seeing the photos of all the little kids and their bags. I know it's bit after the fact but Happy Earth Day again everyone! And, shouldn't Earth Day be EVERY DAY anyway? Teresa



HUGE thank you to Green Bag Lady for making and donating 100 fabric bags to our Earth Day celebration! They were a big hit! Paper or plastic? Fabric! Small changes make a big difference!

Anne and staff at Roper Mountain Science Center

Photo Finish Friday

We have had some CRAZY weather here as of late. Last Saturday, we woke up to 6 inches of snow and it kept going all day. Then, we had some lovely sunny days, I was even able to go running on Sunday. Last night at my tennis match, we were about 1/2 way through and all of the sudden we got hailed/rained on and chased off the courts. Upside is all this water is making my neighborhood SO green and I love that. I know the foothills will be brown soon enough. Have a fantastic weekend. I'm going to do my best to catch up on ALL my sewing. XOXO--Teresa