Her Name is Agnes

Her name is Agnes (my mom's middle name) and she's beautiful. I posted her last week when she was just budding and I thought she was going to be white. NO, she's a really pretty peachy yellow with hot pink in the middle. I don't remember having one this color so maybe she didn't bloom last year? I'm not sure but I'm in love! Teresa

Christmas Prep

Hubby and I finally got all the holiday decor up yesterday. I still have a few presents coming but have most of them wrapped and ready to go. For those of you new readers out there, yes, I wrap all my presents in fabric bags and use colored clothes pins as my tagging system. I've been doing this for YEARS and the same bags are still in use from 2008! Make some, you won't regret it. It also makes wrapping each present a 5 second process. Super simple pattern is HERE. What are you doing to get ready? Do tell--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I feel like this photo looks fake but it's 100% real and not edited at all, the moon! I am breathing mountain air in front of a roaring fire and loving it. I made some yummy tacos for dinner and looking forward to sleeping soundly under lots of blankets. I wish for you a lovely weekend full of great food and great friends. XOXO--Teresa


Hello there. I've been kinda lost in a sea of activity and not posting about it. My family and I went to Nashville last week for a quick Thanksgiving. Since Little Girl is attending Belmont and didn't have very many days off we decided to go to her. We had a lovely time with close friends and I spent most of the time cooking. I was hoping to see some other people while I was there, but time did not allow.

I came home to find ALL 5 of my Christmas (Thanksgiving) Cacti plants blooming. Man, do I love them. They reming me SO much of my mom. My mother always had at least one and it was so pretty. I buy them because of her. Jeez, I miss her. She passed away in 2006 and I still think of her every day. At least she has Bagette Dad to keep her company now. 

I hope all of you in the USA had a lovely Thanksgiving. Hugs--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I have to say, it's been kind of a long week here. This photo is from the MN visit to my sister. A pretty sight while walking her pup. We got dumped on with snow here the last couple of days, it is pretty but shoveling the driveway is exhausting. It's also really cold, 13 degrees right now, looking forward to burying myself in blankets tonight. Cheers and have a great weekend! XOXO--Teresa


Happening here:

1) One of my dryer balls finally bit the dust after YEARS of service. Next life is pet bed stuffing.

2) Me at my most recent booth sale. Notice the free bags to the left! :)

3) A couple of bags for a Breast Cancer Awareness event.

4-6) And in news of the weird, I decided to go get the mail at about 9pm last night and found a package that was frozen solid. It turned out to be fabric I had purchased from a great little etsy shop in Lithuania. It got wet somewhere along the line and obviously froze. Crazy. I set it in my laundry sink to thaw out and it's dry and looks just fine now! Whew. 

Minnesota Bags!

I was in MN recently visiting my sister. It was fun to go grocery shopping and use some of the bags in the back of her car. I got reacquainted with bag number 5866, wow, that was a while ago! She also had her VanHatten Family reunion bag from this event in 2011. My kids were so little! Anyhow, I've spent the better part of the last 2 days trying to get Taylor Swift tickets. It's what both my girls wanted for their birthdays. If you didn't know, the whole internet/Ticketmaster had a melt down and so did I, it was complete mess. We do have tickets but I spent way too much for them. Hope your week is good--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Look at these boys chillin' in my yard earlier this week. The big one is at least 10 points. I gave them LOTS of space on my way to get the paper. How has your week been? I hope good. I've been slightly under the weather and trying to get everything together for my neighborhood Holiday Bazaar tomorrow. More bags, more pouches and getting alterations out the door. There must be lots of events going on this weekend that require shorter hems. Ha. Have a good one all! XOXO--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

It was a beautiful, misty morning in my neighborhood today after a couple inches of snow yesterday. I had to stop on my way to tennis and snap a couple pics. I have my first holiday craft sale tomorrow and still have a few pouches to finish. Have a great weekend!❤️ Teresa

Dishwashing Soap

Do you use the dishwashing pods with the plastic wrapped around them? If so, you may want to stop. We had a huge plumbing issue with our kitchen sink/dishwasher that my husband tried to fix and finally called a plumber. The plumber had to snake really far down to get rid of the clog. He told us the issue was the plastic around the soap pods doesn't really fully dissolve and then ends up clumping together to make a huge gooey mess. Ugh. After that, we started unwrapping the Finish pods you see below before running the wash cycle. Then, I was at Target and found this "old school" powder that comes in a cardboard box with a metal pull out spout that works GREAT. And, it's only $5 for the huge recyclable box. Win win win! I love it, my husband loves it and my pipes love it too. Cheers--Teresa