Photo Finish Friday

What did you do today? Shop? I have never been a Black Friday shopper. I have gone a couple of times and hated it. Instead, I did a bunch of cleaning and purging around the house. I think I climbed the stairs at least 30 times! This photo is from last weekend. The pink sky! Whatever you did today, I hope it was fun and productive. Have a fantastic weekend. Cyber hugs--Teresa


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I hope you had a lovely day with friends and family. I have been in my sewing room constantly this week getting many items for a huge wedding out the door. The biggest of which was a gorgeous dress for a very special bride. Everything left tonight and the big day is Saturday. Such a cute couple with much to be thankful for. I’m grateful today for all you peeps. I love your comments and treasure all of you from many corners of this pretty planet. 🌎 Hugs from Colorado. ❤️❤️❤️ Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

We are up at our cabin and I'm in full on cooking mode. We are having Thanksgiving dinner here tomorrow evening because hubby's flying schedule is up in the air for Thursday. Don't my sweet potatoes look pretty in that blue bowl? The lower right is amazing mushroom gravy that is my fav thing about Thanksgiving dinner. Tomorrow's agenda includes the turkey, pies and putting everything together. Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs to all--Teresa

A Quick Trip

Big Girl was at a conference in Orlando over the weekend. I flew down to meet her on Sunday and we did the Epcot and Universal Parks. So fun! We ate around the world at Epcot on Sunday and then did both Harry Potter Parks at Universal on Monday which was a good day to be there, hardly any lines for rides! Yes, I tried Butter Beer. Yes, I went on Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure ride. I thought the Gringott's Bank ride was super fun and we did the Hogwarts ride twice. Oh, and the Hogwarts Express train between the parks was great. We packed a lot into 2 days and my feet hurt but it was a blast. And, of course, I made Mickey masks for us to wear! :) Hope you are having a great week--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I'm sharing another photo this week from our trip to Utah earlier this month. Man, it was gorgeous. I hope to get to Antelope Canyon in southern Utah one day too. What are your plans for the weekend? I'll be at the craft show tomorrow that I posted about a couple days ago. If you are close to me in Colorado, please come! I'm giving out bags there too. :) Relax and have a good one! Teresa

Sale this Saturday

Colorado peeps. I will be at this sale on Sat Nov 13, 9a-4p. Come see me! I have over 500 pouches I have worked very hard on. After this sale I will be placing things on Etsy for you out-of-towners! Shop small as much as possible this year. Cheers! Teresa


Look at this! I love everything about this. Bagette Renate is amazing and ran with the Green Bag Lady idea! She and her group have made SO many bags and are even getting local press. Love! Keep up the great job Renate and team and thanks for sharing all of this Bagette Audrey. :) Teresa


Bagette Renate joined our Berlin-Germany “open air” sewing in early summer 2021 and very quickly initiated a new GreenBagLady group in her own community. Renate sewed up an amazing GreenBagLady flag to highlight the location of their sewing events - since then she and her team of eight (and growing) bagettes have been meeting on a monthly basis in Groß Kreutz (outside of Berlin) and have sewn/given away more than 250 bags!!!  The bags are given away at the city hall, bakery, farmers market and pharmacy. The local newspaper, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung,  ran an article this past week to feature Renate and her highly motivated GreenBagLady team….and a day later they were invited to a cultural event which will be held on December 5th….and we will be reporting. Yes, we change the world one bag at a time…..and our network is growing! Bravo!

Bagette Audrey


Green Bag Lady Germany

Sale Tomorrow!

Colorado peeps. I will be at this sale tomorrow, Nov 6, 9a-3p. Come see me! I have over 500 pouches I have worked very hard on. I have another sale next Sat too and then will be placing things on Etsy for you out-of-towners! :) Shop small as much as possible this year. Cheers! Teresa

UPDATE: Maine Chapter

Bagette Barbara is doing an incredible job getting fabric bags out and in use in Maine. Look at all these great ones! Thanks for the update Barbara and please tell Patty that her bags are wonderful. Keep up the great work and stay warm this winter! :) Teresa

Maine Chapter Green Bag Lady Project– 2021 Autumn Update: 

Hi Teresa. 

Here in Maine, it’s that time of year when most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, temperatures are dropping, and there are fewer hours of daylight. One of my favorite winter activities is making GBL fabric bags. It’s always fun to be the recipient of various donated fabrics that will become reusable shopping bags. Please feel free to post these photos from the Maine Chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project. 

1-Bagette Patty’s Bags- I was happy to receive 10 beautifully sewn GBL fabric bags from someone who found out about the Green Bag Lady Project from her daughter. “Bagette Patty” sent me these bags along with a note and a super cute photo of herself sitting at her sewing machine posing with a couple of the bags she made. These days, she only sews for herself or her family, but she said that she was happy to contribute to our “very worthwhile and generous project”. 

2- Lily’s Bag- Lily, a friend from Connecticut, came to visit me in Maine in September. I sent her home with this bag as well as bags for her friends. 

3-Purple Bags-These 15 purple bags are among my latest GBL bags that are ready to be given away. 

I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!


💚Bagette Barbara C.

Coordinator-Maine Chapter

Green Bag Lady Project


We did a little Fall Break trip to Utah. It sure is gorgeous there! XOXO--Teresa