I'm normally an oatmeal, eggs or almond flour pancake girl but as of late I've been enjoying gluten free toast plus almond butter plus fresh blueberries. That and a morning latte make me so happy. I have a milk heater/frother thing that is simply lovely. What's on your breakfast plate? Happy Monday! Teresa 

Happy Mother's Day!

I have such mixed emotions on this day. I lost my mom 15 years ago and I miss her every day. This photo is over 20 years old and yes, that is tiny Big Girl with my mom. Oh how I wish I could still call her and talk to her. It just not fair. Below this photo is a blog post from October of 2008. The first year I started Green Bag Lady. Even though my mom is not here, she is still right and always will be. I miss you mom. Every. Single. Day. Teresa

PS, In case you didn't know, the Green Bag Lady project is dedicated to the memory of my mom.

Mom was right.

Well, moms are usually right about a lot of stuff. However, in this instance I am talking about my mother's outlook on "stuff." My mother saved just about everything. An empty peanut butter jar was never such. It was an opportunity waiting to be filled with something. Usually some type of small, set of something, marbles, coins, bears, that her grandchildren loved. Nothing pleased my mother more than pleasing her grandkids.

My mother passed away about 2 1/2 years ago in the spring. My brother, 2 sisters and I did the huge job of divesting the house that summer. Oh, my, what we found. We knew mom was a saver and liked to keep things that might one day have a purpose, what we didn't know was how much of it we would come across in the next few months.

I took on the job of clearing out many closets. In these closets I would find bags, usually Target bags, filled up and tied with a knot. In each was a different set of something. One would contain about 50-60 margarine containers. Another might have 20 baby food jars and yet another would have 10 or so clean, empty ketchup bottles. I should also point out that my mother was a pre-school teacher and would, indeed find uses for much of this. However, she really hadn't taught for about 3 years before she passed away.

My sister had the foresight to call the art teacher at the school down the street. The woman was beside herself with joy over the bags of treasures she acquired at the house. She loved all the clean, ready to use art materials. I know mom was smiling down from heaven during that transaction!

My mother was raised on a farm and taught to adhere to the old adage, "Waste not, want not." This has gotten lost in our society. This post is not to tell you to save every little scrap, but merely to look at what you are throwing away. Could it have another purpose? Does it really need to sit in a landfill for eternity? Could it be used to store marbles instead? Could it be donated or made into something else?

One last thing, at the grocery, pay attention to what you are buying. Is the container recyclable? Glass and metal can be recycled over and over and over. . . try to buy items packaged in them.

Have a great week. Stay green--Teresa
posted 10/12/2008

Photo Finish Friday

It's been SO nice here this week! I love it. But, the forecast is for SNOW on Monday…??? Yes, the moisture is great but I'm over the whole snow thing for the year. I have lots of tennis and sewing plans this weekend, you? My orchid is fully open and I've requested another one from hubby for Mother's Day. :) Hugs from Colorado--Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I'm still over here promming it up. Yep, I just made up a word. I kinda love the coordinating masks even though it's so sad that they will be worn at all. How much longer do you think we will be masking?? 


Look how cute this is! This was written by the daughter of one of my friends on Facebook. I did get permission to post it here. Teach them young people!!!! ❤️ 🌍 Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

A little late posting this as I had a "date night" with Little Girl. We did some shopping and then had dinner and a greek place, I love me some falafel, hummus and pita! Yum. I have lots of sewing to do this weekend so if you need me, I'll be in my workshop! :) Have a great one--Teresa 

Workday Wednesday

I've been thinking about this project for a while. It took a ripped bag like the one below to finally put in in motion. I have a bunch of these bags from sheets, mattress pads, curtains, etc. You too? I do use them for projects and to put toiletries in for the airport. They are great for that as it is see through and I can zip it up and use it over and over AND it lasts much longer than a flimsy ziplock bag.

I've been thinking about cutting them and making pouches with fabric to be more sturdy but still see through on one side for TSA purposes. I finally made one! What do you think? Should I add them to my etsy shop?? Would love your opinion--Teresa

1) all those pesky bags
2) finished stand up zip pouch
3) back side
4) filled with some fun travel size items
5) standing up

Dresses + Masks

In the midst of prom sewing I'm doing a little something extra. After cutting off fabric to hem gowns I'm making masks to match. Hah! I've asked for photos of the cute girls wearing them. I hope I get some! How is your week going so far? XO--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

We have a barn up at our cabin that has a metal corrugated roof. The snow melt was just perfect to make a cool looking "ice cave!" I have lots of tennis this weekend. I hope the weather is nice where you are and you can get out and enjoy our beautiful amazing earth! XOXO--Teresa

Happy Earth Day!

No, I didn't forget it was Earth Day I've just been tangled up in prom dresses. Yes, there are schools that are actually doing prom. It has been such a surprise, I didn't think that was happening this year. It's been fun to see all the pretty frocks come through the door. I hope you had a nice day, it was kinda grey and rainy here and my team had our first tennis match tonight, thankfully indoors. I took this photo a couple weeks ago while I was in Nashville. It was so nice to see all the pretty blooms there! Hugs to all of you! Teresa