Africa Bags!

Look at these great photos from my friend Sally on her trip to Africa. I love that she took 20+ bags to hand out while she was there. I love seeing the bags on all these wonderful people! Thanks Sally--Teresa

I passed out half the bags today in on of the shanty communities of Soweto. They were very much appreciated!

I gave away the rest of the bags today. Everyone has loved them and has been so appreciative. The people in the last 2 pics are workers at the tented camp where we did the safari.

Sally L.

Littleton, CO

Steps Done!

Before and after. I'm so excited to have my new front steps finished. They have been an eyesore for a while now after my failed attempt to paint the bricks grey. I'm thrilled with the flagstone I picked out and how it goes so nicely with my stucco. YAY! Hope you are are accomplishing some projects too. Cheers! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Hello gorgeous view! I have missed you. So excited to be in the mountains breathing in the glorious air. Have a fabulous weekend wherever you may be! XOXO—Teresa


I've been a slacker about posting this week, here is an update:

1) I made 2 ring pillows, some pocket squares and some handkerchiefs out of a mom's wedding dress for her daughter's nuptials. Such a fun project!

2) Bagette Joanne visited from Nashville! She and her hubby came out for a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater and were able to stop by. YAY! Great to see her again.

3) I'm finally getting my front steps redone with grey flagstone. I attempted to paint the bricks with outdoor paint but it peeled off almost immediately even though it was "industrial outdoor paint." I think the brick was too flaky/sandy for it to stick. I'm so excited about the grey flagstone. Finally, my steps will match the rest of my grey/black/white house. 

I've also been doing various alterations and playing tennis. What have you been up to? Do share--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I went for a late night Strawberry Moon run on Tuesday night. It was the perfect temperature and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wish there were more street lamps in my neighborhood as I was very aware of tripping. I need a headlamp or something if I decide to go that late. What's going on in your world? We had some pretty hot days this week and I thought I was going to melt at my tennis match last night. Hope you are staying cool! XOXO--Teresa 

UPDATE: Kyle, Texas Chapter

I love the bags that Jessie has made and look how she is using the corners cut from the bag pattern. She made a quilt! How awesome is that for no waste? Great job Jessie, can't wait to see what you make next. :) Keep it up! Teresa 


These are the remaining bags I made with my last box of fabric I claimed.

And this is the king-sized quilt top (shown on a queen-sized bed, sorry) I made with the 2 1/2-inch squares we cut out for the boxing of the bags. The kids and I made blocks of 6x6 squares and I put them all together and included some stray blocks I'd inherited. I can't wait to tie this! 

Hey, thanks for everything you do! 

Bagette Jessie
Chapter Coordinator
Kyle, TX

UPDATE: Berlin, Germany Chapter

This. Is. Awesome! Thanks to Bagette Audrey (and team), Dalink Stoffe and Brother sewing machines for a fabulous Green Bag Lady day in Berlin. Bagette Audrey is far left in first photo, a true gem and amazing Bagette. Keep up the fabulous work Germany! :) Teresa

What could be more beautiful than sewing in a fabric store and being able to try out various machines? As part of the Sewing Machine Week, we totally enjoyed Brother sewing machines at Dalink Stoffe and sewed many mini bags as a gift for KITA children of our community. Some fabric customers wanted to join our work--hurrah--our circle is growing and just fun. This is how we support early education against plastic in our community. Thanks to Julia and Dalink team for the invitation, hospitality and support!

Bagette Audrey
Chapter Coordinator

Photo Finish Friday

A fitting end to the week, no? This lovely rainbow appeared after some sprinkles on Monday. The photo doesn't do it justice as to how bright it was. I have lots and lots of sewing to do and some projects to share with you next week. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, cheerful, colorful weekend. Hugs! Teresa 

UPDATE: Crossville, TN Chapter

Another awesome update from the Crossville, TN chapter. I love all the events they are doing and providing totes for the local library. So very cool. Keep up the great work Bagette Mary Ann and team! Teresa

Wayne from the Art Circle Library received a donation today of 55 bags from Dogwood Exchange's Green Bag Lady Program. To date, 115 bags have been provided to the library. These bags are given to library members free of charge.

The Green Bag Lady program holds a work day the first Friday of each month from 10-12p at Dogwood Exchange.

However, we will NOT meet in the month of July. We will instead host a sewing project to benefit House of Hope. Details coming soon.

Bagette Mary Ann
Chapter Coordinator
Follow this chapter on Instagram @DogwoodExchange

UPDATE: Bagette Liia, Ukraine

I love this so much. So much! Watch the video and see the backpacks that have been purchased with the funds you all provided! I'm so very happy that we can help Ukraine in this small way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just sent Liia the remainder of the funds, $2500 earlier this week. They take out a small fee at her Polish bank so she received $2465. We raised a total of $3500 which Liia is using for her family AND sending back to her hometown of Zaporizhia to help provide for the volunteer soldiers fighting there. If you are still interested in donating, I will continue to send funds as they come in. Info is HERE. XOXO--Teresa

June 5, 2022
Dear Teresa,
Dear all the participants of the fund-raising event for the sake of Ukraine, here is the report from volunteers in Zaporizhia who provide Ukrainian  warriors, who are on the front line, with what they need.

They have bought 10 special backpacks and some other things.

We are very thankful and grateful to our American friends! I believe we are coming closer to victory!

God bless you! 
P.S. Photos and video are made by my colleague, a teacher, who is a volunteer.

Best regards, 

June 7, 2022
Dear Teresa,
I got the money!   $2465!
I don't even know how to thank you! I am very much obliged to you and all the bagettes! It will definitely serve for good!
Best wishes,