Photo Finish Friday

A bit of rain this past week. Better than the snow!
These are awesome.

My friend Danielle. YAY!

Love this!

Cutest thing ever!

Pretty cool.


My younger sister told me about this. Wonderful!

I should do this.

What's going on in your world this weekend? My older sister came to town on yesterday. It's great to see her. The last time she was here was when I had surgery. I should be more fun to be around now! Teresa

Operation Pet Bed

I'm going to be honest here, making pet beds is not my favorite thing to do. Mainly because it is time consuming and super messy. I get lint and thread all over me and I have to vacuum my entire studio area after I'm done. BUT, I love the finished results. Imaging some little furry friends snuggling on them makes it all worth while.

My neighbor is good friends with a long arm quilter. The quilter saves all her scraps and batting and my neighbor brings it all to me. This past drop off was EIGHT garbage bags full! Wow. Not to mention that I had accumulated a large about of scraps too. Time for pet beds!

Here you can see the process and how messy my pants get…
In progress…
Stuffing complete, ready for opening to be hand stitched…

Finished products…

I ended up making 11 pet beds. ELEVEN! I think that is the most I have made in any one sitting. Lot of happy pets in the future! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I've been tearing through my to do list like a crazy person. Of course, most of it isn't camera worthy. As a treat, Little Man and I made some cookies…
My little cousin is crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine. I found some cute fabric on ebay to make her a dress…
And one from the same pattern for my niece. My sister sent me the rainbow fabric a year ago to make her girls some dresses. Hmmm, I'm a little late on that!
 And, some bag sewing of course…
The off cameras doings have included arranging furniture, getting my kitchen appliances in, spring cleaning, organizing, laundry, errands, playing tennis, etc. What have you got going on?? Teresa

Earth Day Green WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 5 Green Bag Lady Earth Day 6 bag sets are:

JoAnn P, CA
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Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, EarthDayGreen_4_2015

Here is how you voted:

37 purple
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Earth Day Freebie, Green Up Your Life!

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Good luck + Happy Earth Day!!!! Teresa

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Photo Finish Friday

Photo by Little Girl. We got lots of snow!!! It literally came down in clumps today. Really thick and wet.
This is an awesome thing to teach kids.


Wallpaper. Yes or no?



I want to try this.

What's going on in your world this weekend? I'm going to dinner tonight with Bagette Elisa. Fun! Some soccer on Saturday and a Lego show at the mall on Sunday. Yay! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I've been a busy beaver this week. On Monday I prepped and painted (with a compressor + spray nozzle) a whole slew of bathroom cabinets. Here is the before…
And a sneak peak at the after. I will show you the before and after of this bath soon, promise! Just have to get it all back together. Not as easy as they make it look on HGTV…
And, I finished 2 bags for my other niece and nephew. I told you about my niece who had surgery last week. I decided to make bags with supplies for her brother and sister for their birthdays. Of course, the recovering niece got more fun things in her bag to help her heal. I hope she will share. This one is for my 9 year old niece…
 Two pockets on the inside again…
 And a cute zippered pencil pouch to go inside…

 This one is for my nephew…

 A pencil pouch for him too…

That's all. More needs to be done in the bath, the trim around the mirror is not going to paint itself, unfortunately! Hope you are having a good week and getting some fun things completed. Teresa

What do you think?

Does bringing your own bags change the way you shop? Interesting article HERE. I think it does for me. When I started bringing my own bags, I thought more about what I wanted to put in them. How about you?? Teresa

From FREE to Fabulous…

I'm slightly obsessed with my neighborhood Facebook page. I love it! There are about 1000 members and it is a forum to sell, buy, give away, make recommendations, borrow, ask for info, etc. I found our family doctor via recommendation, sold many things we didn't need anymore, given away several others and loaned out several too (I always get them back!). I've bought some great items on the cheap (like this table + chairs). But, my favorite is getting things for FREE! You have to be quick because they go fast (of course).

On Friday, someone posted 2 barstools for free. I have been looking for 2 stools to add to 3 others in my kitchen. There are 5 spots at the bar. We don't use them often, but they sure come in handy as overflow seating when we entertain for big holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

This is what the stools looked like before. This one isn't too bad…
But the top of the other one was badly ripped…

I started by unscrewing the seats from the base of the chairs. Then, I clipped the threads holding the buttons on…
I used handy dandy duct tape to patch the tears…
I covered the seats using a pretty fabric. I simply wrapped it around and used a staple gun to secure it underneath…

 Here they are all lined up with my existing stools…

The jury is still out on the yellow fabric. I like it, but don't love it on the stools. Considering this whole project took me 20 minutes, if I decide to change the fabric, it will be quick. I'm also thinking I might paint the base of the stools. Maybe white? Not sure. I'm going to let them hang out for a while and mull it over.

Do you have a neighborhood Facebook page? If not, I highly recommend starting one. We have one administrator of the site. Only people within a certain radius are verified by address to join. It is a secret group on Facebook so you have to know someone to join. Start one! It's awesome. Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Photo of Little Girl holding a lemon drop. She said, "Photo Finish Friday!" while I was taking it, so here it is!
Upcycled plastic bottles!

Coming to a mall near me! Can't wait!

Looks yummy.

This too!

I could live here.

Baby bats!


What are your plans for the weekend? I will be playing nurse as hubby got ACL surgery yesterday. A bit of an accident in Crested Butte 2 weeks ago. Arg. Teresa