Workday Wednesday

I didn't get a whole lot of fun sewing done in the past month, but I was able to get a few things out the door. Big Girl moved into her sorority for junior year at the University of MN. She's loving it! I sent her a box and slipped in a couple of fun pouches for her and her roommate. I have a Brother ribbon printer (similar to this) and could print the sorority letter ribbon. You may remember I did this for some bags last spring too.

 I think they like them! :) Her roommate is showing the back of the pouch.
I also made some fun zips for Bagette Ann's (Nashville Chapter) daughter. She just started her freshman year at Clemson. I'm so excited since that is my graduate school alma mater! Squeeee! It makes me so happy that she is there creating fun college memories. She joined a sorority too so I printed her ribbon as well. The bottom pouch is because they are the Clemson Tigers…

I put together a fun little Clemson package for Elizabeth. I'm sure she will have an awesome year! What have you been making lately? I'm so behind on back to school due to being ill, but if you made some fun things I would love to hear about them.  XOXO--Teresa

Virginia Bag!

I finally got around to have my picture taken with the bag I won.
Eveline V.

Pennsylvania Bag!

I got my zig zag bag and Iove it! Ready for shopping on Friday. Thank you!
Debra F.

Maryland Bag!

My daughter loves using the fish bag. The rule is if it does not fit in the bag we do not buy it. Also cuts down on spending money.
Thanks again. We love it!!!

Rebecca C.

Russia Bags!

Hello. I am Irina from Novosibirsk (Russia), I received 3 bags from you. 
I really liked the bags, especially  liked the one on the right in the photo. The material is very dense, the bags are very durable. I go with these bags everywhere: to the store, to work. Everyone who sees these bags is asking where I got them from.  
I attach photos, as far as I know, you publish them on your website.


Congratulations to the following lucky folks:
WINNERS of the 20 Green Bag Lady Swirl shopping bags are:

Patsey P, TN
Debbie S, SD
Gina G, SC
Kristen G, TN
Lyudmila S,
Maria S, TX

Michelle C, USA
Amy N, USA
Marsha K, USA
Donna H, USA
Jennifer H, USA
Barbara T, USA
Sharon W, USA
Amy G, USA

Sharanya R, TX
Gayle L, USA
Nancy C, USA
Antonina C, UKRAINE
Anzhelika Y, BELARUS

Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, SwirlFreebie_9_2019


They look like swirls right? Maybe brushstrokes? Hmmm, now I'm not sure. Whatever they are, the fabric makes pretty cool bags! 20 up for grabs. Let's get some new folks to enter so tell all the peeps you know!

To enter to win:
•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

IN YOUR COMMENT YOU MUST STATE YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. IF YOU DON'T, WE WILL NOT CONSIDER YOUR ENTRY. The US Postal Service is implementing NEW regulations for overseas shipping.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 7pm PST MONDAY Sept 16 (winners will be notified no later than Tue, Sept 17 via email and here on the blog so CHECK BACK!)

Don't forget to leave us your email and your country! We will only contact you if you win.

20 people will be chosen to win bags from all qualified entries.

One entry per person. If you enter more than once, all your entries will be disqualified.

We will ship a limited number of shopping bags internationally. You MUST use English for your comments. Do the best you can, use Google Translate if necessary.  Non-English comments will be removed.

Good luck!!!!! Teresa

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Photo Finish Friday

Cotton candy sky, Long Beach, CA
Hello lovely people--

I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been much better. Last week was not good. I was having several adverse reactions to the preventative migraine med I was on. In fact, I was having pretty much every side effect on the list including insomnia. I hardly slept for 4 days. After more research, it turns out I should not have been on that medication for the type of cluster migraines I was having. Ugh. So, I am being weaned off and will be completely off of them by Tuesday. YAY! I am already feeling SO much better and have not had another migraine.

I think I have also figured out what triggered the cluster of them in the first place. Little Girl and I had decided to try an herbal cleanse from the health food store. The first migraine occurred within hours of the PM cleanse. I thought it might have something to do with it at first but didn't think it could  cause a whole string of them. In retrospect, something in them threw my system into a violent reaction resulting in a chain of migraines. GAH!!

I'm still seeing specialists to get to the bottom of my migraines in general because if I can get rid of them entirely, that would be amazing. I'll keep you updated periodically but wanted to let you know I'm feeling more like my old self every day. Thank you once again for all your support, prayers and good vibes, I felt them all! XOXO--Teresa

Gnarly Beach Cleaner

I met Michael Doshi at the Algalita Youth Forum. He's such a fun, energetic guy who works for Algalita and has a great instagram page where he promotes cleaning up beaches. Of course, I couldn't resist sending him one of my beach bags with the mesh on the bottom! I even appliqu├ęd his logo Gnar Gnar on the bag. :) You can see that Doshi really liked the bag! 

I'm hoping that those of you who live near beaches will be inspired by Doshi to start cleaning up the areas that are near you. I'm in land locked Colorado so making bags is the best I can do from here. Cheers everyone! Teresa

 Close up of the mesh in the bottom of the bag…
Aloha Teresa!!


This is one of the coolest gifts I've ever received, haha!!!

Thank you so much for this gift :)  This was very kind, thoughtful and generous of you...and such a surprise!!

Attached is a photo and little video I posted on Insta stories.  I will definitely get more photos/videos of it in action as I begin to hit the beach with it.  Gnar Gnar the octopus is going to look so cool when I carry him into school classrooms in the tote are going to think it is the coolest thing they have ever seen!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping me stoked, yew!!!

Sincerely stoked, 


Tennessee Bags!

What a great pics from my friend Lisa in Nashville. She even has bag number 235 from waaaayyyy back in the beginning! Still in use! So proud she is still using all of these and recently won the red zig zag one in the most recent freebie. Thanks for the great pic of all your bag friends Lisa! :) Teresa

Make new friends, but keep the my new bags, love my old. Hope you can see that number 235! More pics of my collection. Thank you!

Lisa F.
Nashville, TN