Washington Bags!

Hi Kim and everyone else who would like to reduce plastic even further with reusable produce bags. I have posted about this a few times. Here is some info:

What I carry. Did this post a few years ago and I'm still using the same produce bags pictured there. And, I have washed them several times and they come out great!

Happy GREEN shopping! Teresa
Hi Teresa,
Here are bags I used for today's shopping trip...Still trying to figure out how to use less produce bags!
Thank you for all of your great work!

Photo Finish Friday

I know I post A LOT of photos of the deer in my neighborhood but I can't help it! Hubby trimmed some of our trees last weekend and these cuties came to snack on the fresh branches. I mean, look at that buck!
Good news!

Anyone tried any of these? I'd love thoughts.

These are awesome.

I think I could make my own version of this.

These are very cool.

Kind of a cool DIY.

We had Little Man's 14th birthday last night. He's not officially that age until Sat but there was no school today so he had friends over for pizza, cake and video games. I can't believe my youngest kid is turning 14! He was only 4 when I started Green Bag Lady. Wow. A friend from grad school is coming to visit tonight and I'm making pizza on the grill. Hope to get some sewing and cleaning (ugh) done this weekend too. Have a good one! XOXO--Teresa

Minnesota Conference Bags!

I mentioned in this post that the Denver and Knoxville, TN (Yay Sara!) chapters were making 400 bags for a conference in Minnesota. The Green Bag Lady project is dedicated to my mother, Margaret VanHatten, who was an educator in MN for most of her life. She was very involved in community education so we were happy to work our tails off to get the bags done for this important event. The director of the conference, Amy (right, bottom photo), even invited Bagette Dad to attend the lunch. He spoke a bit about my mom and Green Bag Lady. These are photos from the event and a few words from Bagette Dad. :) Teresa

Barb and I attended the MN Community Ed Assn Conf in Rochester today. I gave a little blurb about Margaret Starting Preschool Ed in our basement and how it has spread state wide. And, all the traveling/training she did. Several asked what school dist she worked in, and my answer was "pick one." They smiled.

They wanted to hear about the 400 bags Teresa donated. They were a super hit, and many stopped by afterward with personal thanks. There were slides scrolling by during dinner, and the Green Bag Lady was featured along with some pretty impressive contributors.

I told the Green Bag Lady story, the way I always do, and got chuckles with the name "bagettes" and a gasp at "50,000 bags".

I introduced Bagette Barb (middle above) and how she has helped our family and Green Bag Lady.

It was all very well recieved, even tho I got pretty emotional a couple of times, couldn't help it.

Thanks to all who contributed,
Bagette Dad


Are you registered to vote? This is the last day to register in many states. Please register and make it your civic duty to vote. Please! Everything you need to know is HERE. It takes less than 2 minutes to register. XOXO--Teresa

California Bag!

My daughter with the lovely vintage bag I won.
Sorry this took so long. Bag #53681 
Thank you

California Bag!

Just wanted to let you know I received the beautiful butterfly bag! Thanks so much. Right now its transporting a quilt I am working on but tomorrow it goes back to grocery duty!

Denise P.

Eek! a Freebie WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 20 Green Bag Lady Eek Halloween shopping bags are:

Candace K, TN
Kitty K, TX
Jennifer J, CA
Rachel H, OH
Jenni B, AZ

Katie B, TX
Mickey F, MD
Gail P, TX
Helen P, AL
Kristen G, TN

Gypsy T, TX
Jennifer K, CT
Jean B, MI
Kelly S, CA
Heidi S, CA

Robin C, OH

Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, Eek_a_Freebie_10_2018


Eek! It's a scary freebie! Who am I kidding? These bags are adorable. They would be great for shopping all month AND for trick-or-treating come the end of the month! YAY! Would you like one? We have 20 for some lucky peeps this October!

To enter to win:
•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

IN YOUR COMMENT YOU MUST STATE YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. IF YOU DON'T, WE WILL NOT CONSIDER YOUR ENTRY. The US Postal Service is implementing NEW regulations for overseas shipping.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 7pm (PST Monday, Oct 8 (winners will be notified no later than Tuesday, Oct 9 via email and here on the blog so CHECK BACK!)

Don't forget to leave us your email and your country! We will only contact you if you win.

20 people will be chosen to win bags from all qualified entries.

One entry per person. If you enter more than once, all your entries will be disqualified.

We will ship a limited number of shopping bags internationally. You MUST use English for your comments. Do the best you can, use Google Translate if necessary.  Non-English comments will be removed.

Good luck!!!!! Teresa

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Photo Finish Friday

Cute cows near Steamboat Lake, CO
Your phone is lying to you…

Who gives a crap? !!!

What a pretty room!

This is such great idea! (However, this is my new fav natural deodorant!)

This is so cute and very doable DIY.

These are amazing.

Hi there! I hope you have had a great week. We had a nice time last Saturday up in Steamboat and thought I would share one of the pics from that trip. I have a tennis match tomorrow and a tennis party on Sunday. Never ends! Teresa

Ukraine Bags!

Dear Teresa!
My name is Viktoriia. I am from Ukraine, Kiev. 
I want to thank you for wonderful bags # 53633, 53634, 53635!
One bag I'll use myself, two others give my friends. 
Thank you for your work!!

Sincerely yours,