Photo Finish Friday

During our stay in Belize, I spent some time every day fishing plastic out of the ocean in front of our vrbo. I got a fair amount of it. Ugh. So frustrating to see our gorgeous seas riddled with human trash. I took all of it and created some pretty trash photos, this is one of them. Hope you have a fantastic weekend--Teresa 

NAU Green Jacks Bags

I love all of this, a clothing swap for college students is such a great idea! I sent bags to the Green Jacks last year and was happy to send more for this great event. Glad the bags were a hit and I hope this club keeps doing sustainable events for the NAU students! Keep up the great work Grace--Teresa

Northern Arizona University’s Green Jacks held a clothing swap on March 7th to encourage students to freshen up their wardrobes in a sustainable way! We also gave out the beautiful tote bags from The Green Bag Lady which were a huge hit! Thank you for helping us encourage our members to say no to single use plastic!

Grace--President, NAU Green Jacks, Flagstaff, Arizona

Belize-Part 6

Our last day in Belize was very relaxing. We slept in, had coffee on the patio while listening to the ocean, and a yummy fish lunch which included chilled coconut water straight from the source. After eating, Hubby and Little Girl decided they needed to crack open coconuts that had fallen near our vrbo. It's hard work! Our final adventure was a bioluminescent boat tour that evening. It was SO COOL. Truly a once in a lifetime experience and impossible to photograph without professional equipment. Basically, it's pitch black out but if you disturb the water in any way it glows. It's like something out of a Disney movie. We all loved it and it was the perfect star lit evening. Thanks Belize, you are fabulous! Teresa

Belize--Part 5

After the Mayan ruins we went tubing at St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park. Ahhhh, it was SO nice and cool after the super heat stroke inducing ruins. The formations in the cave were breath taking and the water was a perfect 72 degrees. After that, we got to cool off even more in the Blue Hole (not to be mistaken for the Great Blue Hole in Belize) so refreshing and just what we needed. 

Belize--Part 4

We went to the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins in the middle of our trip. Awesome but VERY hot and I had gotten some sunburn on my neck from snorkeling the previous day (yes, I wore sunscreen) so that was not so fun. We did climb to the top which provided an incredible view and we could even see Guatemala from there. After the ruins, we were able to cool off cave tubing. Photos from that tomorrow. :) Teresa 

Photo Finish Friday

Really missing the warmth and salty air of Belize right about now. I've been suffering from a nasty head cold since Wednesday. I suppose I'm due since the last time I remember having a cold was about 8 years ago. Not fun. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you, hope you are wearing green and it's a lucky day. I have more to share from Belize next week as well as chapter updates. Yay! Cheers and have a great weekend--Teresa

Belize--Part 3

We went on a fishing/snorkeling tour that included our fresh caught fish for lunch. So fun. We caught a good deal of snapper, one of our guides caught that barracuda with a spear gun while snorkeling! We saw beautiful coral reefs full of fish off the teeny Bread and Butter Caye (island). Aside from getting a bit of sunburn it was a lovely day to be on, and under, the water.


Belize--Part 2

We enjoyed seeing a butterfly farm and an organic cocoa farm while we were in Belize, we even got to make our own chocolate, so yummy. The people at both places could not have been more friendly and answered all of our questions. We even got to try the white bean from the cocoa pod, I was surprised that it had a sour taste to it. The whole chocolate process (of which I am a HUGE fan) is really fascinating. More tomorrow--Teresa

Belize--Part 1

I was not posting last week because I was enjoying the sun and waves of Belize! So pretty and so fun. Me, hubby and Little Girl were all able to go as it was Little Girl's spring break. We had such a lovely time and enjoyed a much needed break from the Colorado winter. Our VRBO was right on the beach. Drinking coffee on the patio in the morning while watching the waves was the best! We spent the first couple of days soaking in the sun, eating yummy seafood and enjoying the water. We had lots of fun adventures that I'll post more about this week. Cheers--Teresa