Photo Finish Friday

Eiffel Tower 1989, by photographer Elliott Erwitt, info about him HERE
I have got to see this.

I'd like to read this.


Update your frig!

Cute upcycle.


No brainer.

What are you up to this weekend? I'll probably collapse after the emotional train wreck we call "back to school." Arg. But, looking forward to seeing my Bagettes on Sunday! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I've been a busy girl the last few days. I made yet another tennis bag

 Stuffed some pretty pet beds…
 Packed up a box of bags for Bagette Dad…
 Ran some handles through the serger…
 Ran some bags through it too…
And discovered that a bull snake lives under my front step…
Yikes! What are you up to this week? Teresa

Russia bag!

My name is Elena Filatova. We are from Russia. My father collects in the forest nuts in a bag.


Chile Bag!

Hello Teresa
I sending you a picture of my friend with the nice bag.
She is Ana MAria and she has not email.
She is very happy with your bag.
Thank you again for your nice gife and I hope hear from you in a future
Best regards
Puerto Montt, LL, CHILE

California Bags!

Thank you so much for the purple bag and the extra one. Christiana lives hers for Epilepsy. We checked the mail with our green bag lady.

We went on a picnic to Seal Cave in La Jolla California. The kids loved it.

JoAnn Prim

La Jolla, CA

Dear Cancer, you suck…

I pray with my kids every night before bed. For the last several years we have always prayed for my friend Colleen who has been struggling with cancer. It started with breast cancer and after surgery and treatment it looked like she had beat it. However, in the past year it came back with a vengeance and eventually landed in her lungs.

Last night I was casually checking FaceBook and found out that dear Colleen passed away (at age 50!) yesterday afternoon. It hit me like a ton of bricks and it's all I have been thinking about since. Colleen was one of the very first people I met when I first moved to Nashville. From our first meeting she was nothing short of sweet, funny, warm and accepting. We were in a monthly Women's Dinner Group that lasted for about 8 years until kids and schedules got in the way.

Colleen was a core member, always in attendance with her huge smile, cunning wit and big heart. This same group would sometimes go out to dinner on weekends with spouses. Since Colleen was single and my husband was flying on the weekends, we would often go together. I loved it and we would joke about being each others date.

I'm sad to say that since I moved to Colorado I have not been in touch with Colleen a whole lot. A few emails here and there so I didn't know that she was not doing well these past few months. Sigh.

Colleen, I will forever remember your smile, your laugh, your awesome sense of humor and most of all being your date. You made my life better and I will never forget you for it.

Two words. Cancer sucks. I wish it would stop stealing people I adore.


P.S. My mom and my aunt

P.P.S. Colleen's blog

Photo Finish Friday

My kids with their new baby cousin. Little Girl said, "It looks like she's clapping because she loves us so much!" How cute is that? Oh babies…



Bathroom sink love.

Elephants too.

Wear sunscreen!!!!

What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to relax. I played 7 matches of tennis this week, 3 in one day. Whew, I'm wiped out. One of my teams went to districts and we came in an extremely close 2nd place. Teresa

California Bags!

Los Gatos Farmers Market with bags 24432, 24437, and bag 24438  Thank you Teresa!  My sister in law, Marina, and I had a great time shopping for ratatouille ingredients and orchids.  Come on out, bring your bag and I'll take you too!

Meg Yarka

Almont, CO last week…

Last week we snuck away for a few days to Almont, CO for a little vacation. So pretty! This is on the drive there…
 Our cabin was right on the river.
 Where we went white water rafting
Near the bonfire where I made some pretty darn good roasted marshmallows…
 On our way into Crested Butte we saw some real cowboys…
 Rounding up the herd next to the road…
 Hubby and the kids went zip lining in Crested Butte (I don't do heights)…
 So, I wandered around and admired this up cycled bench from old skis…
 On the way out we stopped at this cool dragon sculpture (from up cycled metal!!!)…
 On the way back home we stopped at K's in Buena Vista for ice cream and burgers. So good…

What about you? Some good vacations this summer? Do tell. Teresa

Back to School WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the 15 Green Bag Lady Back to School shopping bags are:

Delorise E, NC
Barbara B, UKRAINE
Christine W, IL
Margoe N, RUSSIA
Mariya E, RUSSIA
Pam B, MN
Galina P, RUSSIA
Jamie F, TN
Cindy W, MI

Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, BackToSchool_8_2014