Photo Finish Friday

Heart Shape, Gualala, CA
I need to learn to make ramen. I think my family would love it.

My kids would love this! Remember this? They were SO tiny.

Cute gallery wall ideas. (Big Girl has the heart one in her room!)

My kind of guy. So something I would do.

Cool DIY and a way to use old nail polish!

And, yum.

Not much on the calendar this weekend, yay! I have lots of alterations to do, bags to sew, kids to drive and summer to enjoy, you? Have a great one! Teresa

P.S. Bagette Dad has a BIRTHDAY tomorrow! More on that soon…

Workday Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted a WW, but it doesn't mean I've been doing nothing. Ever since I got back from vacation, I have had many alterations on my sewing table as well as a stack of bags to wade through. I also made a bag for a neighborhood girl to put her back brace in when she's not using it. She came over, picked the fabric and loved the results…
Made a couple tennis towels…
 And some more…
Finished a special order wine bag, haven't made one in a while so it was fun!
 Cut out 2 special order tennis bags, ready to assemble…
Enjoyed admiring this guy who loves to hang out under the trampoline, almost daily!
 I've also been having fun cutting up the fabric in the last post, you? Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 7 (final!)

For the end of our CA adventure, we flew down to Anaheim to take in Disney for 2 days. We had four passes so I graciously bowed out of going to the park. Note: I really hate rides and crowds… I found my own "theme park" at a couple fabric stores. M&L Fabrics was amazing! 
They had rows upon rows of bolts of fabric that were only $2.98/yard! And, they weren't cheap fabric either, most of theme were Robert Kaufman!
Of course, after all that shopping I had to treat myself to a cocktail, right?
Here's my haul, nearly 40 yards worth. Everything was from M&L except the red and black elephant fabrics. Those were from another store.
I have big plans for all of this! I do, I do! Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 6

We left Harmony on a Saturday morning and headed to San Francisco. Mainly because Big Girl was obsessed with eating a fish sandwich on the pier. Yes, really. I really should have gotten a photo of her eating it since she has talked about it since the last time we were in SF!

What's a trip to SF without windy photos of your kids??

After picking up hubby at the airport in SF, we headed to Los Gatos to visit our friends Meg and Paul. They used to live right across the street from us here in CO and sadly moved a few months after we settled here. Sigh. But, now we get to visit them in CA, right? They have a great pool in their backyard that the kids loved…
 The next day we went on a 2 hour sailboat cruise. It was a PERFECT day for it!

 Can you see me and Meg in here?
 The whole gang on the boat.
Very very fun! Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 5

Our last day in Gualala was packed as we wanted to get an early start to San Francisco on Saturday. We finished camp, visited the gelato factory (last post), and hit the beach one last time. Harmony was smart enough to throw rakes in the car at the last minute. So. Much. Fun!

 We all had a great time playing in the sand!

 I found some plastic on the beach, but not much. Thankfully!
 Here are the rake/sand creations from above…

Man, I miss the ocean! Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 4

While we were in Gualala, Harmony planned an awesome tour of a gelato/cheese factory for us. Amazing! Pazzo Marco is locally sourced and absolutely incredible! For only two small buildings, the taste is huge! Marco gave us the tour and was so kind, genuine and completely enamored with the process of making gelato and cheese. So great to see someone living their passion!

We tried 3 flavors of gelato, mango, cherry and dark chocolate. I can't even tell you my favorite because all of them were delicious…

And the cheese! We got to try 2 different ones, a creamy L'Amitie and a harder cheese, Madrone Grove. Both lovely…
The aging cheese…
 Marco in front of the 2 buildings…
Such a fun way to spend an afternoon. If you are up that direction, you can pick up the cheese or the gelato at the Surf Market in Gualala. It's worth the trip! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Yet another natural object heart. Driftwood from Cooks Beach, Gualala, CA.

Very cool. Thanks Wendy!

Also Cool!

Yes! To all.

I would be cross eyed.

To make. I have SO much lace!

And, a MUST see!

What are you up to this weekend? I'm playing tennis, sewing and relaxing, you?? Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 3

More of our stay with Harmony. We went huckleberry picking in Point Arena which is north of Gualala. It's lovely. It also meant I got to see Ling-Yen (second from left) and her husband John (far right), they are awesome. :)
 We got a good sized container of huckleberries that we used in muffins. Yum!
We went on a hike after berry picking and ended up at the Point Arena Pier to have pizza and ice cream.

Me and my peeps! When did they get so big? Remember when this project started Little Man (8 in that photo) was 4??

Always stunning views in Northern California. Gotta love it! Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 2

After our big trip to MN and SD we were home for 3 days, went to the Selena Gomez (the girls loved it) concert, then hopped a plane to CA.
We stayed with Harmony (thanks Harmony!) and went to Gualala Arts Camp everyday. Big Girl and Little Girl were assistants and Little Man was a camper.

Little man made the best mosaic in his favorite of the 3 classes. There were dance and music too. Mosaic teacher is on the left and Harmony's husband/Director of the Art Center, is in the middle.
I was able to sneak in a little tennis with a friend while I was there. Harmony found me a racket in her garage. The grip was a little old and pretty much feel apart in my hand while I was playing. Ha! I still had fun! The ball bounces much differently at sea level. That's Orson Wells, the dog, by the way.
Happy Happy! Teresa

Summer Summer Summer--Part 1

Holy smokes this summer is careening by! I've been traveling so much I haven't had a moment to sit down and tell all of you what's been going on. We had an exchange student from Mexico for 2 weeks in June. She is the daughter of Lupita who was an exchange student at my parent's house in 1989. Cool, huh? Here we are at Finding Dory. Go see if you haven't.
Little Man had a couple goldfish that got too big for his tank. A woman in our neighborhood was kind enough to release them into her pond.
We drove to MN to visit Bagette Dad and other relatives. Long drive. But, we got to see lots of family and go to the Mall of America in the process.
While in MN, I got to see the "U Crew" which are my college friends from the University of MN. We all lived in the dorm together. The blonde in the middle was my roommate for over 5 years! Love these ladies.
Speaking of the U of MN, Big Girl did a week long, wonderful program there call Women Mean Business. She absolutely loved it and made some great friends.
I got to cuddle with my littlest niece. The one I made this quilt for a while back. Man, I haven't made a quilt in forever.
 My big sister turned 50 and we threw her a party! :)
 We left MN and took a driving tour of South Dakota. First stop, Corn Palace in Mitchell. Of course!
 We found an old school playground that still had a merry-go-round! Little Man was in heaven.
Oh the Badlands, be still my heart. I love that place!

 Clowned around at Wall Drug.

 Buffalo spotting in Custer, SD.
 And, the last stop before heading home was Mount Rushmore.
Great trip but good to be home…for three days…then on to California! More soon. Teresa