Photo Finish Friday

Taken on a walk with Little Girl the other night.

Love this!

The price of nutmeg.

Yikes! The price of environmental alteration.

Made me laugh out loud!

What a GREAT idea!

These look cool, no plastic waste and great for travel!

Looks easy enough. Maybe a project Bagette Dad and I can do together next time he visits!

What are your plans this weekend? Anything cool for the 4th? I'll be helping a friend out at a street market during the day on the 4th. Big Girl is going to Universal Studios in FL with family friends. I'm sure I'll spend some time creating something. My fav. Teresa

Workday Wednesday

Busy busy. This week I made some towels for some of my tennis peeps…
 Filled 3 pet beds…
 Got further, but not finished with Little Girl's dress…
 Worked on a future freebie, can you guess the theme?
 And more future freebies…
 Prepped two canvases for painting. I need some artwork in my bedroom…
And, this situation happened. The needle holder snapped clean off. What? You mean sewing tens of thousands of bags is not what this machine had in mind? I'll take it in on Friday…

Preparing to sew more zip pouches for my etsy shop. HUGE THANK YOU to some of you for purchasing items. The money will be going to machine repair (see above), ARG…
 And, experimented with making a quilted pouch, I think it turned out cute…

 I didn't have quite enough of the kitty fabric so had to piece some for the bottom…
Whew! The week isn't even over. What have you been up to? Teresa

Supporting Green Bag Lady

Would you like to support Green Bag Lady in a really fun way? I have updated my etsy shop, TeresaMade with a bunch of cute zip pouches. All proceeds help to support Green Bag Lady. We always need thread and labels! AND, I will include a FREE (of course) Green Bag Lady bag with every purchase! Teresa

PS: I love doing custom work so just ask! I'm happy to make pouches/hoops to your specifications.

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Green Bag Lady, StarsnStripes_6_2015

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Photo Finish Friday

Huge dragonfly on my patio!
Pretty cool.



Just about the sweetest thing ever.

WOW! Really?

These are fun!

Seriously, it's Friday again? The weeks are just flying by. What's going on for you this weekend? We will have some family time and I'll meet with my bagettes on Sunday. Cheers! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

This week I cut out the pieces for a dress that Little Girl asked me to make. She loved this one so we found a similar pattern and fabric. Love that the dress pattern has pockets!
I finished the slew of zip pouches that I was working on last week. Stand up triangle ones…
And, flat ones. The previously posted tutorial is for these flat ones. You can really make them any size you want. Just vary the size of the zipper you have. Those 2 little ones were made specifically because I had 2 yellow 5 inch zippers…
And, I finished the hoop I started last week too
All this between 4 tennis matches and running kids to camps and such. Thank goodness Big Girl can now drive, such a help! Won all my tennis matches, by the way. YAY! Teresa

2 Fats, 2 Zips, 2 Pouches, 2 Cute! Tutorial!

Many of you asked for a zip pouch tutorial. Here you go! All you need are 2 fat quarters and 2 zippers to make them. I promise the zipper part is NOT scary. You will use a zipper that is a bit longer than necessary making this whole process a snap. Go! Get to that sewing machine and make a couple cute pouches. Let me know if you make some! Teresa


Happy Father's Day to the one and only Bagette DAD! Love you! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

The sky, the sky! Always and forever, the sky.
These are so awesome I can barely stand it.

Cute + super simple DIY!

I bought this pattern an eon ago. I need to use it! (I figure if I tell you guys, it will hold me to it!)

I'm a big fan of scones. This is my fav recipe.

Sheesh almighty, is it Friday ALREADY? How does this happen? I start out on Monday thinking I have all this time and then I blink and it's Friday again. Man. I'm going to get Big Girl from camp today and squeeze her a lot this weekend before she goes back on Sunday. Little Girl and Little Man have not been feeling well this week. Summer illnesses stink. What are you up to? Happy weekending--Teresa