Photo Finish Friday

Quite a comparison between last week and this, no? Hubby and I jumped on a flight to Hawaii yesterday and were greeted with this amazing sunset. Hiked to a waterfall today and have lots more adventures planned. 😊 Wishing you a lovely weekend my gorgeous readers! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Hey there! I hope all of you in the USA had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. We went to Bagette Danny’s house and joined her family for lots of yummy food and gratitude. I’m enjoying a hazy winter wonderland at the moment in front of a roaring fire. Leftovers for dinner, yay! Have a great weekend—Teresa

UPDATE: The Shoebox Bagettes UK Chapter

I just love this update from Bagette Jo in the UK. Such lovely bags. I know the recipients will be THRILLED to get them. Keep up the great work Jo, you and your team always make great bags for such a worthy cause! Love them all. Teresa


Dear Teresa,

Just a short message to let you know that these bags will soon be on their way to Eastern Europe. We hope they will arrive in time for Christmas.  The first two are in family shoeboxes and the second two are in shoeboxes for elderly people.

Their numbers are 34015, 34016, 34017 and 34018.

Best wishes to you,
The Shoebox Bagettes UK

Photo Finish Friday

I’ve been so remiss about posting here lately. Too much going on in my head and my life. Hope this finds all of you well! I’ve been sewing, sewing, sewing. Second craft fair was last weekend and I have another here at my house the week after Thanksgiving. Is it almost Thanksgiving already? Boy, that snuck up on me. I went to a fundraiser for the FullCircle program last night and spoke about my sweet boy. It’s still so hard to imagine that he’s gone from this earth. I’m loving all the fall tones in my neighborhood. Hugs to all—Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

The sun goes down on another week. I’ve been frantically sewing and prepping for my first holiday booth sale tomorrow. It’s at Chatfield Senior High if you happen to be in the area between 9a-3p, come see me! I have tons of pouches, Christmas gift wrap bags and of course Green Bag Lady bags. Have an awesome weekend. 😊🎁❤️ Teresa

Check In

Hey there, I'm here! I've literally been chained to my sewing machine making pouches for holiday sales. My first sale is this Sat and being gone to Scotland for 2 weeks set me back a skosh in the production department. Bagette Danny has been helping me which is awesome. I'm about to head back and sew handles on Green Bag Lady bags for people to use for their purchases. I'll post some sale pics this weekend. :)

In the meantime, enjoy some plant pics. 

1) Proud that I was able to keep this cute fir tree alive that I got on clearance last Christmas. It started to have some dead branches and thought it was going to expire on me but it just needed LOTS of water and love. 

2) I had to move my monstera to a corner in my dining room. I had it right by my front door but it was attacking people when they came in. Ha.

3-7) My 5 (yes, 5) Christmas Cacti are all blooming. Squeee! You know I love this and especially love my peach lady. They were some of my mom's favs and now mine too.

Photo Finish Friday

A bit late but the weekend is the weekend, right? Enjoying mountain air and good friends this Saturday. I’m sewing pouches, pouches and more pouches. I’m on the zipper stage right now. Whew. Hope you are relaxing! Teresa

Workday Wednesday

Hey there lovely readers. I've been doing lots of sewing lately and thought I'd share some of the projects. 

1) Burp cloths and hooded towel/wash cloth set for a shower gift for a sweet friend and her baby. :)

2) Burb cloths for Big Girl's boss at work who just had a little boy.

3-5) Halloween bags to give away in my neighborhood. The first pic bags are made from fat quarters that Joann sent me by mistake with an order I placed. I let them know about it and they said to keep them. Joann's loss is Green Bag Lady gain! The other 2 pics are bags made from fabric that was already cut to be masks in 2020. Obviously, the squares never made it to the mask stage and have just been sitting in my stash. I like how cute and patchworky they turned out, no? And, they are the perfect, smaller size for little kids. Win win.

What kind of things have you been making lately? It did occur to me that I should make a Halloween felt banner for my fireplace like my other seasonal ones. However, I'm too busy right now making zip pouches for my November booth sales. Next year… Cheers! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Today is tough. Today would have been Kyle’s 19th birthday. Hubby and I drove to our Steamboat cabin and spread some of Kyle’s ashes in the lake to honor him. It’s tough to know we will never see our kid grow up. Rest in peace Little Man. 

ANNOUNCING: Aztec, NM Chapter!

Welcome Bagette Jan to the Green Bag Lady family! AND, she is our FIRST chapter in New Mexico, wahoo! I first heard about Jan when I gave her brother a bag here in CO. He lives in my neighborhood and I'm friends with his daughter. Love how that all works out. He said that his sister loved to sew and I lucked out that she wanted to start a chapter. Look at all these SUPER CUTE bags she has been making. :) Way to go Bagette Jan, keep up the great work, happy to have you--Teresa


Hi Teresa,
Hope you are doing great. I just gave 30 bags away at our local farmers market. So fun seeing the faces of people when they get something free. Here are some photos  of my newest bags.

I’ve had a few men ask if I could make some bags that are just plain for them. It makes  sense. 😁

Bagette Jan
Coordinator, Aztec, NM Chapter