Photo Finish Friday

Hey there! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I’ve been busy this week with 2 of my fav cousins visiting and I turned 55 on Thursday. Double Nickles! We took the cousins to Red Rocks Amphitheater today for a look see and lots of stairs. It was a perfect day to get out and I feel so lucky I live near this gorgeous venue. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Boy, I sure do love the sun shining on crisp, untouched snow. So gorgeous. We are getting more snow right now so I’m sure to wake up to a beautiful landscape tomorrow. Plans include sewing (of course), cooking and talking to my daughters. All great things to do inside where it’s warm. Cheers to a great weekend for you! ☀️❄️☃️πŸ’š Teresa

UPDATE: Maine Chapter

Bagette Barbara is the best! Look at what she has organized in Maine! So great. I love to see the project continuing to spread far and wide and Barbara is one of the people who has been instrumental in helping set up chapters in all the places she has lived. She is amazing. Thank you Barbara, Debi and all the other Maine Bagettes for your hard work and generosity. Teresa


Hi Teresa--

February 8, 2024, I hosted the first Green Bag Lady event at the Common Good Soup Kitchen, in Southwest Harbor. It was super fun! 

Here are some photos you may post on your blog. The photo of me (first photo) was taken by the MD Islander reporter, Jess Cummings.

I showed the bagettes and reporter the video you had made in Nashville around 2011 explaining the GBL Project. They loved it, especially hearing about Bagette Dad. I told everyone that I have been involved in the GBL Project since 2010 when I met you in Nashville.

Bagette Debi, who has been helping with the Maine Chapter of the GBL Project since 2020, is also the new Director of Common Good Soup Kitchen. GBL has been offered the use of the Common Good space for sewing events. On Thursday, there were 3 Bagettes, Debi, me, and others who stopped by to check us out. We made and donated around 20 fabric bags to Common Good to use for their food bank recipients.

The local newspaper sent a reporter who subsequently posted an online story.

The next event is scheduled for Saturday, March 9th from 9:30 to noon at the Common Good Soup Kitchen in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  All volunteer "Bagettes" who attend will receive a free Green Bag Lady fabric shopping bag. Everyone is welcome. No experience needed. B.Y.O.M. (machine), sewing scissors, iron, and ironing board, if possible. Fabric will be provided. 

Coordinator - Maine Chapter
Green Bag Lady Project

UPDATE: Guantanamo, CUBA Chapter

First of all, how cool is it that we have a chapter in Cuba? Then, how amazing is it that the chapter is a mom and 2 daughters. I love EVERYTHING about this! Way to go Grace, Jane and Irene, you are simply the BEST! Keep up the sewing and spreading the word--Teresa :) :) <3 <3


Bagette Daughters, Jane and Irene gave away bags today at our local craft fair.  It was great to hear them explain the project  and why they see for it. I am super proud of them.

Bagette Grace, Chapter Coordinator, Guantanamo, CUBA

Shirt to First Aid Kit Upcycle

I've been really cleaning out my sewing area as of late. Too much fabric, too many unfinished projects, etc. Sound familiar? I had a shirt from Big Girl's (Margaux's) undergrad days that she no longer wears. She put it in the Goodwill box but I pulled it out thinking I could do something with it. Finally, this morning I made a first aid kit out of it. I saved the buttons for future use. Margaux is going to be a Girl Scout camp director this summer and thought it would come in handy to put in a back pack for hiking. 

Included in the kit: sunscreen, first aid lotion, bandaids, hair ties, safety pins, nail file, lip balm, matches, ear plugs, sewing kit (sliver tube) and ibuprofen. Think I got it covered? Turned out pretty cute and useful! Teresa

UPDATE: Wichita, Kansas Chapter

Look at all these great bags that Bagette Mary and her fellow sewists made! Simply fabulous! What lovely bags for a wonderful cause. Keep up the great work Wichita! :) Teresa

Hi Teresa, 

This is four of our Bagettes that made 150 bags for the Warming Souls winter shelter in Wichita.  (Two other sewers were not there for the picture)

Have a good weekend!
Bagette Mary, Chapter Coordinator, Wichita, KS

Photo Finish Friday

Love some of the views in my neighborhood. I'll be keeping warm, sewing and getting through a long "to do" list this weekend. How about you? Wishing you love and laughter--Teresa

Workday Wednesday

I got to make a whole batch of pouches as a special order for a mother and daughter in my neighborhood. It was so fun. They brought me most of the fabric they had picked out. The daughter has a 3 year old who is into dinosaurs (obviously). The daughter wanted a teeny size of the stand up pouch in the butterfly fabric. I have never made them that small but they turned out great. I also got to make a couple of my quilted shoulder totes that are lined and have a button closure on the front. Such fun ladies to work with and cute fabrics too. :) What are you working on? Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Happy weekend! It’s a cold, frosty, overcast day in the mountains. The photo looks black and white even though it’s not. I’m planning some sewing and reading of my book club book in front of a roaring fire. Hope you are toasty and productive too. πŸ˜ŠπŸ”️☃️ Teresa

2024 Green Things

Continuing on my green journey in 2024. If you would like to read some of the things from last year, go to this post.

1) I think I have finally settled on my favorite shampoo bar/conditioner bar situation. If you have followed along on this, I've tried Viori, Earthling Co, kit•sch and Attitude. I found the Attitude brand at my local Natural Grocers store. I LOVE the smell of the sandalwood scent which is why I decided to try them in the first place, second, they were on sale for only $10/bar. Score! I really like them. The only downside is that the conditioner is not quite moisturizing enough for my dry hair. I tried kit•sch in the fall and do like their products too but felt that the conditioner made my hair too soft and the shampoo bar didn't last very long. Jeez. But, I have settled on a combo of using a bit of both conditioners together, works perfectly!

2) I got a LOMI for Christmas! We are now composting again, yay! Many of you long time readers will remember that we had 2 backyard composters when we lived in Nashville. Then, we moved to a CO neighborhood with lots of wildlife and composters are not allowed by our HOA. I started seeing information about LOMI about a year ago and was fascinated by the compact, countertop idea. I asked hubby for it for Christmas and got this cute blue one. I LOVE it! We have been making dirt out of all our food waste about every other day. Hubby was worried that it would smell, but it doesn't at all. I've put a lot of the dirt in my plant collection and the rest is on my deck in a bucket waiting for spring planting. It's really SO COOL.