My Poor Flowers

Most of my poor flowers are super sad. I can only have geraniums and marigolds on my front porch due the deer thinking any other flowers are salad for them. :) I can do a lot more variety on my back deck since the deer don't climb spiral stairs. Ha. My Rio Dipladenia get more gorgeous every day but the rest of the plants on my deck (last photo) were the victims of Japanese beetles and cut worms. Ugh. How is your garden growing? Teresa

Yesterday Run

I've been running later in the evenings because it is cooler. But, I also just like that time of day when things are shutting down. I love how the moon is peaking out from behind the clouds in this photo. Happy Monday! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

I've been sewing like crazy, trying to keep my mind on things other than the pandemic, forest fires, climate change, etc. It's all a lot. I've also been playing a lot of tennis and enjoying the great outdoors. I'm excited for my run on Sunday. Anyone want to virtually join me? Let me know! Have an excellent weekend. :) Teresa


Workday Wednesday

As always, I've been busy!

Photos 1 & 2) custom order for kid's masks from a person in my neighborhood 

Photo 3) custom baby hoop order for Bagette April :)

Photos 4 & 5) weekend sewing at the cabin, finished pouches and ones half finished with zippers

Photo 6) giant pile of cut out pouches from the last 2 days (prepping for holiday sales!)

What are you working on? XOXO--Teresa 


We were up at the cabin last weekend and I was surprised by all the hints of fall. Are you ready? I guess it's time. My tennis leagues are officially over, the kids are back in school, and the weather is more pleasant. I do love those oranges, yellow and reds! Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

This guy made me jump as I was deadheading my geraniums this week. He was so cute against the bright red, I had to take a photo. What's up with you this weekend? Big plans? My nephew and BIL are coming into town. Looking forward to laughs and some adventures. Hugs to all! Teresa

More Things

Last night hubby and I went on a walk around dusk. My neighborhood was teaming with wildlife.

Dude, look at this girl! The huge fuzzy ears, the eyelashes! She was SO close I could have pet her. She was making bleating noises either to find her friends or her babies. I hope she found them.

Can you see both bucks in second photo? There were 2 more off to the left but so low they are not in the photo.

Then, we came home to 2 bunnies in our yard. Oh, and the sunset/cloud situation was not too shabby either! XOXO--Teresa


I'm a food travel nerd. I have so many annoying food issues (gluten free, pescatarian, no MSG/dyes, etc) that I pack a lunch/dinner most everywhere I go. Even if we are driving to the cabin I usually have a packed food bag no matter what. It usually consists of: salad, hardboiled eggs, dressing, sliced almonds, shredded cheese and salt (for the eggs). Then, I make a large container of fruit (usually berries) and cheese/crackers. It all fits neatly in Little Man's lunch box from elementary school. I'm sure I look like a total dork running around the airport with my shark lunch box but I don't care. I love the size of this lunch box, how the lid zippers off and that I can put things into it flat, not on their side. And, the handle fits over the pull on my suitcase. Yep, total nerd. And, how cool is that RED SUN in the bottom photo. It's from the haze of forest fires which is not cool. :( XOXO--Teresa

Photo Finish Friday

Hoppy weekend from this little friend! What are your plans, I hope you have some good ones. I'm traveling again, I feel like that's all I've done this summer! Good thing I enjoy it. Wishes for a wonderful, relaxing, fun, productive few days. Cheers! Teresa


1) Are you masking again? This is hubby and I at the grocery yesterday. Even though we have been vaccinated for a long time, just feeling more comfortable with a mask on anyway. (we both got the Pfizer shot that got FULL FDA approval today, yay!)

2) I'm on a mission to make the perfect healthy(ish) gluten free chocolate chip cookie. I'm almost there! I added coconut to one pan and they were delicious!

3) Do you add hard boiled eggs to your tuna salad? If not, you are missing out. Also, Veganaise is amazing.

4) The collar of this shirt was in shreds. I like it better now that I added the plaid! :)

5) The sunflowers in my hood are out in full force right now. This was taken while on a walk with hubby tonight.