My dad goes green!

This is my dad at the grocery store in California where he is currently living. He got 2 bags (because he is my dad!), thanks for the support dad! Love you! Teresa


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Hi. I just saw information on you and your awesome green bag cause on CNN this morning. I would love a bag, but know that I am waaaay late in getting in on your cute craftmanship and cause. Usually I do a large shopping at once so it is hard to use green bags, but I have been starting to get them here and there so I have many that I keep in my car so I can actually use them.

Would love to have a handcrafted one by you. Having your dad in on the green movement is awesome, and I hope that he will decide on giving me one here in the frozen tundra of South Dakota. Excellent idea and an innovative and fun way to go green. Thanks for reading!!!

dotsymt at yahoo dot com