400 bags!

I can hardly believe it. 400 bags out there in use! Don't forget to send me some photos! Also, please post comments. I get so many nice emails from all of you, share your thoughts with everyone!


Anonymous said...

Got my bag today (328-Keller, TX) and I LOVE IT! Wonderful quality and so deep! The fabric is PERFECT because I LOVE TREES! Thank you very, very much!

Teresa VH-Granath said...

Thanks Teddi! Enjoy. It thought you would like that bag since it had trees on it with NO plastic stuck in them!


Teddi said...

Haha...I like your comment about no plastic in the trees! Thanks for showing my pix on your site so people notice where those bags end up...I was shocked to hear a WAL*MART bag was found in AFRICA! WAL*MART is not in Africa!