Fabric Donation!

I just picked up a wonderful donation of fabric from a former student/quilter, Beth Eakin. The fabric is great, will make MANY bags and some of the prints are really fun! Thanks Beth! You are wonderful!


Jen May - Service Unit Director said...

Teresa - we love what you are doing. My bag - 414 - is just wonderful. I wore a matching outfit for its debut at the grocery today. I cannot wait for our Girl Scouts to start making bags and giving them at local stores. This will be a busy fall!

Can you give me some details on the types of fabric you need for donations? I know bolts would be great- but what about repurposing - what are your requirements?

Teresa VH-Granath said...


Thanks for your comment, glad you were able to use your bag today!

I'm so excited that your Girl Scout troops are going to make bags to give away at local stores this fall. That is fantastic and exactly what I want to happen!

As far as fabric, anything that is not too thick or stretchy works great. Also, make sure everything is clean if it is used! :) Thanks for asking.


Jen May - Service Unit Director said...

Then clothes (dress shirts, skirts scarves) are ok?

Teresa VH-Granath said...

Yes, those will work, you can sew up the placket of a blouse/shirt and cut out the square and then cut the straps out of the sleeves.

HOWEVER, because of the wonderful amount of fabric that I have gotten lately, I would not use clothes to make bags out of at this moment as it takes more time to cut them out. :)

Thanks for asking Jen! Teresa