Green Bag Lady--Portland, Maine

Teresa... FINALLY.... I got started...

Your bag arrived on Monday (thank you... it's great!) and yesterday I went to town... could not find the fabric I thought I still had but did go buy some inexpensive denim to make some bags... meanwhile... I began with some light weight denim and quilting fabrics... I have made six so far. Your pattern works very well... I do not have a serger so am stitching, then zigzaging the seams... have worked out a pretty quick order of cut, sew, press, etc.

Thanks for getting me started on a fun project...will see where I can find fabric for both of us!

Please note photo of your bag IN MAINE... that's me in the hallway of my apartment building, Portland.

Will keep you posted as I go.
Hope you are starting to enjoy some vacation time..

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