Germany Bag!

hello teresa,

your fabulous elvis bag, #600, arrived last week! thank you so very very much! you couldn't have picked a better pattern! a rockabilly guy friend of mine is insanely jealous of it already. :)

i'll put a little something in the mail for you in the coming days. thanks again! please find a photo of me and the bag attached,

love, carolin


Lisa said...

Dont mind me, I'm just hangin out, checking out all these wonderful bags until I get mine.

My hubby is a Elvis fanatic. I wonder if he would use cloth bags if it had Elvis on it? hmmmm

Teresa VH-Granath said...


I promise, I am sewing my little heart out. I am finishing a HUGE batch of handles and then will attach them and send out another group of bags.

Sorry, I only had 2 Elvis bags and both are gone now. But, you NEVER know what kind of fabric will be donated next. I'll let you know if I get more Elvis!