Green Bag Ladies in North Carolina!

My name is Laura and in surfing the internet I came across your website. I love your idea. We have been using fabric bags at our grocery store for a couple of months. They are all green and becoming boring-LOL! When I saw how simple your pattern looked I thought I would give it a try. In 2 days I made 6 colorful tote bags, which is good for me since I NEVER sew! I decided to keep three of them, and my daughter and I took the other 3 with us to the grocery store. She gave them away. It was so much fun to see the expression on their faces when the people realized she was giving them away and not wanting money for them! She and I are going to try to make more and turn this into a summer project. She is recording the bags and the first names of those we hand them out to and the dates we give them away. Unfortunately I can't afford to mail out bags, but I feel there are more than enough people to share them with right here in our home town (North Wilkesboro, NC). I am attaching a picture of my daughter, Rayanna, holding the three bags we made and gave away. She actually declared grocery shopping fun, and it took my mind off the rising prices of food :)

Again thank you so much for sharing your pattern and giving me some fun inspiration.
Laura Reavis

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