We are getting sewing machines!

The wonderful people at Elna, Inc. are loaning my crew and I sewing machines for this project! I am so excited about this. Up until now, I have been the only one with a serger so I have been doing most of the sewing. I have had fabulous ladies helping me cut and also sewing the handles on with regular machines. However, Elna is donating sergers and sewing machines to Green Bag Lady.

Please visit their site to find a dealer near you if you are looking for either a serger (overlock) or a sewing/embroidery machine.


One other comment about Elna. My machine is an Elna (as seen in the video). It is older than I am. My mother had the same machine so it is the one I used when she taught me how to sew. Both my sister and I have the same one, as my mother made sure that we had Elna machines. She swore by them. Truly, they are fabulous and durable. You can only imagine what I have put this 40+ year old machine through! Especially in the last few months!


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MissTiaraBrand said...

Sounds great. I am getting back into sewing and this sounds very cool!