A little math. . .

I was thinking the other day how many plastic bags will be saved by all the Green Bag Lady fabric bags we have made so far. I was driving at the time and trying to do the math in my head. My grandfather was really good at the math in the head thing. I'm really good at the math in the calculator thing so here goes:

Green Bag Lady Bags given out to date: 1730

Bags used by the average persons per year (350-500) we will just say 425 for this math problem.

1730 X 425=735,250 BAGS SAVED this year!

Now, if you all continue to use the bags (AND others that you buy/make) over the next, say, 20 years (if they last that long!), we will all save 14,705,000 bags. Yes, that's over 14 MILLION bags.

WOW. Teresa


Harmony said...

Wouldn't it be cool if you could add a counter to your site that showed the number of bag saved.... no idea how complex that would be but it would be fun to watch the positive number grow as well as the scary one. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Teresa Van Hatten-Granath said...

I'll have my dad get on that. He made a program to tally all the bags and countries! :)

Thanks Harmony!