Meet the "Bagettes"--Part 1 of 3

This is the first of a 3 part series of "Meet the Bagettes."

These are some of the lovely ladies who have been giving up their Sunday afternoons to help me cut and sew. They picked their favorite fabric from the "cut of the day" pile. From top to bottom, L to R:

Alicia--Her laugh makes me smile EVERY time and makes me want to hear it more. Missed her calling as: An angel. (Alicia is modeling some Harmony Art fabric.)

April--Made of pure sunshine. What a lovely spirit. Missed her calling as: Miss Congeniality.

Karen--Made of pure gold. Heart and all. Missed her calling as: A sweatshop employee, that girl can SEW!

Kathleen--I think that as long as I give her chocolate, she will keep showing up. A woman after my own heart! Missed her calling as: As a wishing star. She is just what I wished for! Missed her SECOND calling as: A fabric store owner, she pets the fabric quite often!


Harmony said...

I may never buy a bagette again without first thinking of you incredible, generous women! Keep up the good work!

Teresa Van Hatten-Granath said...

Thanks Harmony! :)

Though the food has a "u" in it. Baguette. These ladies are quite delicious!


Anonymous said...

lisachiapei20 AT hotmail DOT com
Hi Teresa and Bagette:
I cannot wait to get my hand on one of your Green Bag, i will use it for my Grocery. Its really will help if all supermarket can start charging bags. This way everyone will start useing one of your green bag/reusable bags...
Thank you for doing this "Green Bag Lady!"

Anonymous said...

I promise to use fabric as it is the way to go Green and it pretty too!