Some Thank Yous!

Thank you to the following people:

Fabric donations:
My sister, Jane Van Hatten, Ariana & Sandi, and Rosemary Walker.

Labor donations from members of my Green Bag Team:
April, April, Karen, Kathleen, Connie, Jennifer, Anna, you all were amazing while I was on vacation. You made many bags while I was gone! Yay!

Monetary/stamp donations:
I won't mention names since you know who you are. You are wonderful. I will take a little moment though to thank my father profusely. He has almost single handedly paid for the cost of shipping. Where would I be without him?

And, of course, thank you again to ELNA and EMMA who are 2 of my FAVORITE COMPANIES!

Keep toting those bags, keep thinking green and watch for my next project! Teresa

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