California Bag Lady!

My best friend found your site and got one of your bags.

I want you to know that I was given a bunch of fabric scraps and fashioned my own "Scrap Bags!" I have been taking orders for them and make them as fast as I possibly can. In fact, people have been custom ordering fabric bags. I have a Brother embroidery machine and I do a design on them with their name: i.e.. Nancy's Shopping Bag.

And, by the way, I have a wonderful 36 year old Elna sewing machine as well so I can stitch up bags while the other machine is sews as well.

My bags are slightly different in construction: I fold the edges of the strap fabric to the center, then in half wit the raw edges inside. I stitch down each side of the straps. I cut rectangles and then sew 3 inches across each corner of the outside fabric. When I put the lining in I simply stitch straight across the bottom and stuff it inside not worrying about making the "boxed corner" on the lining. Real easy and people LOVE them!

Nancy Springston in San Diego, California


Angie said...

If possible, I would like the pattern to this "green bag."

Connie said...

I would like more info about this green bag. Thanks,

Teresa Van Hatten-Granath said...

Angie and Connie and anyone else out there, Nancy is working on a pattern to post on the site. Check back often!