A Greener You. . .

Ok, so you have the fabric bag thing down. You use them all the time. You feel good about it. Now what? What else can you do to be green? Here are some suggestions:

•Be aware of your energy usage. The documentary film, "Kilowatt Ours" (made right here in Tennessee!) is WELL worth buying or viewing if there is an event near you. It has great tips for saving energy and some very scary facts about why you should do so. Saving Energy=Saving Money! www.kilowattours.org

•I know many of you do a great job recycling, right? I'm going to assume you are all nodding your heads. Do you feel bad about throwing away those plastic caps/lids when you recycle a bottle? No more, you can save them and bring them to an Aveda store for recycling. This is true, I asked at the store. Click here for a store near you! I have an oatmeal container on my kitchen counter just for collecting caps/lids.

•STOP buying bottled water. Please, stop. Read this and you will understand why. Get a good refillable bottle. Please.

•Try to buy as many things at the store as you can in glass and metal. These are both infinitely recyclable. Also, you reduce how much plastic you use. Please read "Plastic Ocean" to see why we all need to reduce our dependence on plastic.

That is all I will bombard you with right now. Get greener and do it today! It will make you happy. :) Teresa


Sara said...

Teresa, thanks for the inspiration! I use my fabric shopping bags everywhere I go, and the younger generation (checkout clerks) are very supportive of this movement. I've also switched to fabric napkins. Instead of buying new, I've culled neighborhood yard sales for quality used ones at a fraction of the new price. I've found that folks sell them because they've changed their kitchen decor, even though the napkins are still practically new. I'm not picky about color, only texture, and now I have a pretty basket of fabric napkins where my paper napkin holder used to be. After a meal, we just toss the used napkins into the laundry hamper and wash with the next load. The spots, even the greasy ones, come right out with no spot remover. In addition to saving the environment, the fabric napkins are softer and more absorbant than even the most expensive paper napkins!

Smoky Mountain Bag Lady

Teresa Van Hatten-Granath said...

Yay! Thanks for the comment Sara. We use little wash clothes instead of napkins too. They are the small baby kind that my kids have outgrown. What is great about them is that we wet them down and the kids have a little wet towel to wipe all the PB off their hand, etc.

Thanks for mentioning cloth napkins. I want to do some more posts but thought I would stop where I was with this one! :)


Esther said...

I received my bag this week, and I love it! I have been using it for my groceries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Teresa! I just got my bag today that you made & sent to me. My son gave me his too so I have 2 now, plus some that I bought. I love them! They are so nice & you did a terrific job on them!
Thank you so much!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Lady cj--

Glad you enjoy them and are using them! That is great. Send me that photo and I'll post it on the site!