Election Day!

Alright, unless you have been in a coma, you know that a very important election is TODAY! Please get out there and VOTE. Yes, that means you. Well, at least those of you 18 and older.

So, we here at Green Bag Lady have decided to let you leave comments until MIDNIGHT on TODAY, November 4, 2008 in the CNN post below to be considered to win a Green Bag Lady bag.

After that time, Bagette April will pick 75 of you to get a Green Bag Lady bag in the mail. Wahoo! She will pick another 25 of you to get a Smokey Mountain Bag Lady bag in the mail. Another Wahoo! That means that 100 of you that have left comments will get bags.

What should you do if you are not elected to win a bag? That is OK, you can download the pattern and watch the How To video and make your own bags. Surely you know SOMEONE that knows how to use a sewing machine. OR, you can buy a sewing machine and make your own. It is the easiest beginner project around. AND the pattern is FREE!!! You can make them for yourself and for EVERYONE else that you know! Which, of course, is the point of the project.

So, cast your VOTE today. Write your comment by midnight today (whew, busy day) and we will contact you via email to let you know if you have been elected, I mean selected to win a bag.

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and stay green too! Green Bag Lady Teresa


Anonymous said...

Saw you video and loved what you are doing. . . ! I've been using cloth bags for some time now and I carry them with me all the time. Now we need to get more men like me involved . . Keep up the great work . . .lpappatvalletdotorg.
You are the greatest. . . . !

Pamela said...

Greetings Greenbag Lady & Co., I saw you video on yahoo and thought what a great idea. I always have folded paperbags and reusable bags in the trunk of my car. I take my bags to Costco, Target, etc., you name it.

As for voting, what a GREAT time to get involved. This is such a historical time in our country's history. I'm glad I can say, hey I was there and I voted!

Nice article on CNN. Keep up the good work. I salut you and your efforts. Keep it going. May we all learn the power of the bag!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend heard about your site while listening to CNN at work (hes a truck driver) We both think its a great idea! We've been trying to get paper bags whenever possible at stores, but your bags are a great idea, and your pattern looks really easy to follow, I've been saving up to get a sewing machine and this looks like the perfect project to learn how to use it :) Angel4335 AT yahoo DOT com

cindy said...

this is great. im trying to teach the younger kids in the family about recycling. i do all kinds of recycling crafts. the kids want to learn to sew.im glad i found this pattern.now i can teach 2 things at one. to recycle and sew. now they take home their bags and reteach their parents about recycling.the kids are gonna love this. thank you again.

KK said...

Count me in. So your clip on CNN!

erica said...

I have just begun using fabric/canvas bags & feel good about it every time I tell the cashier to keep any & all plastic bags - if it doesn't fit in my bags, I will just carry it out to the car in the cart!

I do have a question about sending fabric in - I have looked all over this site for contact information, but have not found any. Where would I send fabric to? I have old curtains, sheets, etc. that I was just going to throw out or give away, but I love this idea soooo much better!


bluepiggourmet said...

I just heard about you on CNN radio. What a great idea and I think it is great that you got so many requests that you had to stop honoring the email requests. Says a lot about how habits are changing. My company gave out fabric bags with our logo to everyone in the company as part of our 'green initiative'. I keep that one and several others in my car and use them all the time.
the election is the most exciting one I can remember, and that goes back a long way. i am already listening for results even though I know there won't be any for hours.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I also saw your video on CNN and I do want to congratulate you on your initiative. I live in Canada and I wish someone up here would do the same, but it won't be me because I can't sew!
Take care,
Sandra B.
P.S. We had elections last month and I voted.

REENblack said...

I found your site via the magazine "Positively Green" as I am researching for a speech I'm doing on banning/taxing plastic and paper bags. I have been using a few fabric bags, but with two kids I never seem to have enough! Hopefully when I get a break in school I'll be able to make a couple using your simple pattern!

sweetpea said...

I voted!!! Wow Teresa... political and Green! You are so good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another chance to win a bag! queensdapATcenturytelDOTcom

Chalie and Angie said...

We were suppose to leave a message here or on the CNN message? I left on on the CNN message.
angiekay62 at yahoo dot com