Bag Lady Heather! PART II

I've made 5 bags already!!! A couple pictures are included. I'm on a roll. I've given two away already and am giving two more away tomorrow. And I already have a request for another from someone who is donating material for it. I've told everyone about you. The two bags I gave away I asked first if I gave it to them if they'd try their hardest (I know I'm forgetful sometimes) to use fabric instead of plastic. They both said yes!

I was at a store today and even had cloth with me and almost forgot to use it. I had to transfer my items from the plastic bag to the cloth. Oh, and I also appreciated your comment about if you forget your fabric bags in the car, just keep the groceries in the cart without bags and transfer them from the shopping cart to your bags once you get to your car. I don't know why I would have never thought of that.

I am german (my dad was born there and I lived there for 3 years whenIi was younger and have gone many times in my life) and I am always shocked when I return to the USA an realize how much we disregard the environment. I'm really having the time of my life trying this and knowing that this is serving the environment. Thank you for all that you do to let people use their creativity/skills (old or new) and for the ways that you are caring for the earth!

Heather in Sacramento

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Simplelivin' said...

I forget to use mine too. I think I've had some of the baggers at my store get annoyed with me for asking them to remove the items from the plastic and put them into my re-usable bag. Oh well.