A few of my FAVORITE comments. . .

Thank you all who responded by leaving comments for bags after the last CNN airing of the Green Bag Lady story. They were great! You should have heard from Bagette Dad about getting a bag in the mail. I so appreciate you taking the time to tell me how you would use your bag. I laughed out loud to some of them, others were so kind they brought tears to my eyes. If you didn't read them all, here are a few of my favorites:

ppoff25 said:
I love being green,
it helps out our planet.
If a bag's made of plastic,
we simply must ban it.

If I had a Green Bag Lady bag
I'd use it each day
To the farmer's market, the store,
And this message I'd convey...

Why would you harm the earth
using cruel plastic?
Try something much better,
cloth bags are fantastic!

Thank you Green Bag Lady for all you do! Keep up the wonderful work!

Heather said:
I saw the piece that CNN did in regards to your making reusable bags from recycled material. It touched my heart to see that you're doing so much to help the environment. Myself, I recycle regularly and I have started using reusable bags since I moved into my new home in Sept 2008. I'm so proud to say that I haven't used a single plastic grocery bag since! I have a small collection of reusables in each car to always be prepared and I use one to take my lunch to work in everyday. My mother has recently started using them after she saw how maybe plastic bags she accumulated since I moved (over 400 plastic bags vs my 6 little reusable sacs)! I will certainly be downloading your patterns to make bags with, I have some old patterned sheets that would be perfect for a spring floral bag!

Lynnette said:
Greetings! I watched CNN screen your video the second time and decided that I ought to do something to make contact with you. I felt really convicted over the amount of plastic bags I lug home each time from grocery shopping. With embarrassment I say this ... I've just counted the number of plastic bags in my kitchen. It's a whopping 582! (Please don't faint!). What's worst is... I plan to teach Earth Science and Environmental Geography at a college in near future! (Another moment for you to faint). But so far, I'm doing good, I've been recycling paper and glass bottles. In addition, I haven't drank out of a plastic bottle in that past year! 3 cheers!
So if there's ever a candidate for a green bag. Pick me! Pick me! (waves frantically!)

Dan said:
You know, I've thought about buying fabric bags for a long time now. Every once in a while, I see someone using their own bags at the check-out and I think "I gotta' get some of those" but then I forget to do anything about it. I even came really, really close this Christmas to buying some for my wife, as a stocking stuffer. I was holding 3 nice canvas bags in my hand, I walked around the store with them, then I put them back. Why is it so hard to jump in and make that commitment? Am I really that self-conscious that I couldn't bring myself to pull out my own bags at the grocery store? Or am I just perpetually lazy? I hope not. I saw the segment about your bags on CNN and something really "clicked" in my brain. I had to write to you and congratulate you on your cause. I'm so sick of "feel-bad" news stories. Your story really made me feel like some good stuff is going on in the world. Keep it up. If you can finally stir me to action, you can probably convince anyone. Dan

Happy GREEN shopping! The best to all of you--Green Bag Lady Teresa

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