Fabulous Fabric!

Hey Teresa,
Here is a photo of the suit I made from your lovely fabric for the Nashville Shakespeare Festival's production of Richard the Third. Actors are Jessejames Locorriere and R. Alex Murray.

Thanks so much,

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Way back in May, 2008, June Kingsbury of Junebug Designs contacted me to ask if I could use some fabric. She had heard about the Green Bag Lady project from a friend. I gladly accepted, went to her house and got a few bags of lovely yardage to work with. A few months ago, June showed up at my office with another large bag of fabric. I could not resist showing her the bolts I had just picked up from Lane. She instantly fell in love with a brown and black plaid among the stash and asked if she could have a sample and possibly a few yards to make a costume for the pictured production. I didn't think Lane would mind!

Isn't it lovely? Isn't it wonderful how something as simple as FABRIC can bring people together? June is really fabulous. So is Lane. But, you already know that.

Thanks for reading. Off to sew a bag or two, or ten, or more. There are some brown and black plaid ones in my stack waiting for stitches.

Green Bag Lady Teresa

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