It would be so easy. . .

It would be so easy. . .

•to not pay attention to what I throw away.

•to not recycle.

•to just use plastic and paper when I shop.

•to forget about my refillable water bottle and drink bottled water.

•to buy whatever I want and not think about its environmental impact.

•to let my kids eat junk.

•to buy non-organic, cheaper food.

•to not compost.

•to just not care.

We all have choices. I choose to care. I choose to provide a better planet and future for those three little ones pictured above. I hope you will too, for your own reasons, of course!

Have a lovely weekend and get out and enjoy this planet we are fighting for. Green Bag lady Teresa


Harmony said...

To quote my good friend Joy, "easy to do, easy not to do." So true. I am with you... make it a habit and suddenly those easy not to dos are easy to dos.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Harmony!

It is so true. It becomes a part of life and really is easy. :)


Valeria said...

I am new to all these, but I am trying to do my part. I would admit that organic is way expensier but I tried to buy at least the basics like milk, eggs, yogurt, etc. Using fabric instead of plastic most of the time, re-using envelopes, paper for any other projects.
Well we are getting there.