The Amazing Aunt Frances!


Here are the 50 bags I said I would make. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you in May. Will keep in touch with David (Bagette Dad). All's well here.

Love, Frances

This was part of the letter that was included in a box of 50 wonderful bags that my Aunt Frances made to help the Green Bag Lady project along. Frances is my Dad's older sister and a wonderful lady. She made the bags with some of her stash of fabric. They are perfect, vintage and simply wonderful. Most of them will go to Texas with us! I hope to see some of you readers there! Have a great weekend! Teresa


Ali said...

ohh those are great, I love the shirt buttons! I didn't even think about that, off to check hubby's closet for unwanted!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Yes, it was a shirt. I did a shirt bag post back here:


Robin in New Jersey said...

What a fantastic idea using the old shirts! I have a shirt that was my husbands, he was going to throw it away(5 years ago!) I loved the fabric and kept it. Maybe I have finally figured out what to do with it!

I recived my baby # 5136 just the other day from the sewmamasew contest. Since it is very boyish, I think I will give it to my grandson.

Off to tread the post about shirt bags.