Fabulous Guy! Fabulous family!

Hi Teresa,

Hope this finds you and your family well and enjoying life in the great city of Nashville.

Jan and I spent the Christmas Holidays in Onalaska, WI with Melissa and her family where I learned of the Green Bag Lady. Your to be commended for all of your major effort to convert the world to do away with all the "paper or plastics" of the world.

After returning home I conceived of the idea that I would like to do my part and try to help. I called Shannon and asked her if there was any objection if I used some fabric that I still had on hand from some projects that Jan and I helped her with in the past couple of years. No objection so in some of my spare time, with encouragement from Melissa and Jan and I put together (from your website directions) 100 bags that I hope you can use in your quest to convince the world of a much needed change.

I am absolutely amazed at the amount of work and effort that you have put into this project and the success that has come of it.

All the best to you and your family. Sincerely, Rich

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To explain about this note. Melissa is one of my good friends. She used to live here in Nashville and now lives in Wisconsin. I got to know her father, Rich and her mother, Jan, on their frequent visits to Nashville. Shannon is Melissa's sister and the owner of Pixel Organics. Shannon now designs organic baby clothes and bedding but used to make children's clothing so the great fabric is left over.

I truly can not believe the generosity of this family. The fabric, the time, the effort. It is so wonderful! Thanks to all of you, I think the world of you!

Green Bag Lady Teresa


Anonymous said...

This was a very good jester. I also make green lady bags and give them away. I am a long way from the number that you post. I copied the pattern and started making bags. When I take them to wal-Mart the cashiers say that is very nice. I enjoy making them and have done several different pattern.

Anonymous said...

How very cool! I love the "guitars" bag. :)