The Wonderful Harmony. . .

The fabulous Harmony of Harmony Art sent these three delicious bolts for the Green Bag Lady project. Not only are they lovely, they are also certified organic cotton. They feel so soft and wonderful. We are excited to make bags from them!

Here is a taste of Harmony's prints. Check out all her fabric here.

Thanks Harmony! We appreciate you so much! xo, Teresa


Harmony said...

You are welcome!!! Obviously, I am a HUGE FAN of The Green Bag Lady and her mission. I am happy I am able to help!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are the BEST Harmony! All of Green Bag Lady are HUG FANS of yours! Yay!


One to said...

That pink cotton is just EXQUISITE! Can't get it out of my head! :)

Bet it makes BEAUTIFUL bags! :D

First time hearing of your project, keep up the good work! Everyone needs a bag--even us ol' bags! ;)