4 days of fascination. . .

The following are a series of photographs from the last 4 days that involve a boy, a coffee can and hundreds of caterpillars in the backyard.

Day 1: Little Man, "Mom, come outside, there is a caterpillar." I was dragged outside to see said caterpillar. This one crawler is a drastic understatement because every spring our backyard becomes the favorite hot spot of HUNDREDS of this same type of caterpillar. The kids have always been fascinated by this. None more than Little Man. However, I would like to mention that on this day, there was NO WAY that he was going to touch them.

Day 2: I was coerced to be the official caterpillar grabber. None of the kids would touch them. Even after I told them that they tickled and were really nice. Nope. No way.

Day 3: Little Man got over his fear and would now not only pluck them for the can himself, but he would allow them to crawl all over him with as many as 7-8 on his arms and shirt. I did make the kids let them go every night as some of them were already spinning cocoons (or racoons as Little Man says) in the coffee can.

Day 4: We cannot let a moment of daylight go by without looking for new friends. This is Little Man this morning on the hunt before he went to pre-school. He brought 5 specimens to school in the infamous can to share with his friends. I would also like to share that his favorite caterpillar from day to day always got the name that he considers the most wonderful these days. . .Jeff.

Happy Spring to all of you out there. I hope your children are enjoying it as much as mine are. Best--Teresa


Ali said...

O how precious! That was totally me when I was little! I think I found those very same types of caterpillars and they were EVERYWHERE! Ah, how I miss childhood...but now I get to relive it through my little guy, yay!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Ali! I know you little guy will be in this phase soon enough!