Amsterdam Bag!

Hey Teresa,

It's been a long time (since September) ago that you gave me one of your Green Bag Lady bags.  But, I'm proud to say it's gets a lot of use here with grocery shopping, etc.  I've finally had a photo taken today to prove your bag is actually here in Holland.  :-)

I hope all is well with you and your family.



Valentina said...

Hi Theresa. I´ve checked your blog and understand there are not Green Bags in Venezuela. What can I do to be the 1st. Venezuelan Green Bag user?.
I live in Margarita Island and I´d like to do something for it. Every week I use at least 10 plastic bags to grocery shopping and then i have lots of them at home. Plastic and garbage is a untouch theme here, nobody does anything for recycling or at least think in how to discard it well. Let me know what can I do to start doing something for my Island and so for the planet

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Leave your email address spelling out AT here in the comments and we will see what we can do!


Valentina said...

my email address is
i also have access to an address in miami, so anything can be mailed there.