Nashville Bag!

I received a bag at the Belmont Animal Hospital opening.Here is a picture of my Jeep after a recent grocery shopping trip. 5 Harris Teeter canvas bags, 1 Trader Joe bag, and my bag that you gave me. I could not figure out how to post this on your blog or I would have!
Also, I used the bag again today on another grocery trip. Thanks, and good luck with the revolution.
Melissa Hilmes
Nashville TN
Bag number 3401

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Brenda Griggs said...

I tried to get a bag from Teresa but she has so many orders she wasn't able to send me one. She asked me to post a comment in case she can send me one later. In the meantime, I have crocheted reuseable bags for myself and 3 of my friends. We are all using them and enjoying them very much. Thanks Teresa - Go Green!