Bagette April's Mom. . .


This is my mom, Edith. When I was little, she sewed all my and my 2 sisters’ dresses. And although I never picked up the skill until I began sewing bags with you, she is the reason I wasn’t afraid to try. That’s pretty much true of everything in my life. I’m not afraid to try because my mom has always been so capable and matter-of-fact about everything. Or to quote the shoe company – Just do it. This could be Mama’s motto. I think it’s a German thing and I’m glad I (sort of) inherited it.

When I started making bags, my mom just jumped right in with me. She’s been making bags for her friends, church ladies, and random people at Wal-Mart for several months now. We decided to call her the Green Bag Frau. She’s got labels in the bags and everything – just like you. I know it warms your heart. What’s that about imitation and flattery?

Thanks for sharing your inspiring idea with me and my mom, and the rest of the world!

Bagette April

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