Texas Bag Lady!

Hi Teresa,

My husband and I just recently attended the Green Expo in Plano, Texas and I have to tell you...."You motivated me!" :) I own a photography business and it is as 'green' as it can get....and then I visited your website and realized that I could make bags to put my clients prints in rather then a 'cute' bag w/ lots of fluff. :)

I sent an email out to all of my contacts for fabric remnants and I got a few responses....enough responses to keep me very busy! One of the donations was from an interior designer so I have some really nice heavy duty bags! (silks, upholstery, etc....)

I have given out 2 bags now that I made from that material and my clients have been THRILLED!

So, thank you for giving me the idea and motivation to 'green' my business even more! :)

Thank you,

Andrea Pender Photography

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Flores Hayes said...

my roomate is THRILLED with her bag!
she won’t put it down!!!