Belcourt Event Yesterday. . .

Wow, it was a hot one outside at the Belcourt Theater yesterday. The event was in conjunction with the screening of the movie, Food, Inc.

In the almost 100 degree heat, we gave out almost 100 bags. If you couldn't make it yesterday, please join us at our next event on July 11 at Fido Coffee Shop from 10-1 or until the bags are gone.

Here are some photos from the event. . . Teresa


MissesStitches said...

Teresa, ever since you came to Gualala, California, and gave away bags here, it has made visiting your website even more fun! I see the table filled with bags, and your signs, and it all looks familiar. Keep up the good work, Hon!

nffcnnr said...

Great work, keep going!!
~The Awesome•O•Meter