4 Generations of Bags!

Hi Teresa:

Here is the slightly scary picture (taken at the end of a long day.) It is Anna Pond, Lucy Musante, Sue Heflin, Madeline Pond and Caroline Pond all with our bags. Madeline (the two year old) insists on using her bag to cart her belongings around, so even though she does not shop yet she is getting in the habit of proper bag use!

Lucy is my mom, I’m Anna’s mom, and Anna is Caroline and Madeline’s mom.

Thanks again,

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B'zz Bags said...

Just been Twitting around and saw your site. Good for you, thank you for what you are doing. My wife started making cotton bags to use for bulk food and produce - haven't seen much of that around. Check it out at http://bzzbags.com on her blog http://bzzbags.blogspot.com.
I get very encouraged when I see this sort of thing. Thanks again.

(and Beth) Beth@bzzbags.com