FREEBIE. . .Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!

I am on vacation. . . in Gualala. . . visiting Harmony. . .

Bagette Dad is house sitting my house. He is bored. He needs something to do. How about a FREEBIE to keep him occupied?

We have MANY lightweight shopping bags to give away. Just leave a comment here on the post telling us why you would like one. Remember, if you already have a Green Bag Lady shopping bag, you are not eligible. HOWEVER, you could tell anyone you know that does not have one to leave a comment!

SO, leave a comment with your email address. Spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam. If you do not leave your email address, you will NOT get a bag. Bagette Dad will not hunt you down. :)

Oh, you may want to tell Bagette Dad Happy Birthday in your comment too. He turns a year older at the end of this month. What better way to celebrate than giving the gift of bags. . .

Oh, yes, California is lovely. We are having a great time. Thanks for asking! Teresa

PS--The last day to leave a comment for a bag is Monday, July 20, 2009 at midnight CST.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad! :D
I hope this next year is a great one!

I would love to receive one of your lovely bags! I am planning to convert over to cloth bags. I have a stash of old fabric I scraped up to sew bags of my own with (thanks for the great pattern/directions!). Now I just have to figure out how to use my grandma's old (1968!) sewing machine! :)

I would love to begin my stash of bags with a bag from you. I will be sure to give away any bags I make that I don't need! You have tought me well! :D

Keep up the great work!

christina.crabtree at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love one of your freebies!!! I heard sometimes you take requests for fabric - I love strawberry patterns or flowers, but hey I'm totally cool with whatever!!! Can't wait to start shopping!
from email

Anonymous said...

OMG this is perfect - our grocery store just started advertising 5 cent refunds for every reusable bag you bring in per shopping trip and I told myself I have to go get some!!
Happy birthday and thanks for the freebie!

MissesStitches said...

Hi Teresa! Welcome to Gualala again. I've been away for about 3 weeks now, and am actually homesick! But I return Tuesday. Let me know if you and Harmony want some company for a hike or whatever.

Christine said...

Hello, I would love the reusable shopping bag. We are actually making
our "green" switch on as many things as we can right now including switching to cloth diapers and using recyclable products as much as possible and would
like to make the switch to reusable bags!

And Happy Birthday Bagette Dad! (:

Anonymous said...

My current re-usable bags are a little worse for wear, not sure how much longer they are going to last.

It would be great if you could send be a new one.


Revellie Pope said...

I would love a bag. Thank you so much for doing this project.
revellieathealingmomdotorg said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad! I am responding to your e-mail. :) I LOVE what you guys are doing!!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday, Bagette Dad!

I would love an authentic Green Bag Lady bag. I've got a few knock offs, but would love an official.

My kids are so thrilled to be using our fabric bag! One exclaimed on the way into the store, "Mom! You're recycling!"

Tara said...

Aggg! My email is tarakluth at juno dot com. :) Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!!!!!!
Best Wishes on this next year of your life!

For about 3 months I have been trying to convert to reusable bags and I have negative sewing skills. I would love to recieve one of your charming shopping bags to add to my slowly-growing collection.

Thankyou for the work you are doing to make this plant a cleaner place!!

mandamack AT comcast DOT net

Bagette Dad has my my home address in a former email :-D

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

I would love a bag, because I want to do my part in helping the environment.

happysunshine28 [at] hotmail [dot]com

Henley said...

I would love one!!

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Bagette Dad from Australia...... Happy Birthday to you. Now down to business... the green bag - I would love one!


toohotforturtle said...

Happy B-Day Bagette Dad. I am a July baby too :). I would love a bag because it is just the right thing to do for the environment. Just tryin' to do my part..tricialeveretts(at)aol(dott)com

brittany said...

happy birthday :)

i'd love a GREEN bag! i think they're great...not only are they better for our homeland, they're much more sturdy nd hold up way better than cheapo plastics! not to mention they're also cuter =D


erica best said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad

i would love to win one of ur bag because im trying to be more greener.

Anonymous said...

One can never have enough cloth bags, especially when that's all we use! We have several in both vehicles, and at home. I sure hope to get a free bag, and thanks for caring enough about the environment to take on this task!

Joyce said...

i would love one of your reusable shopping bags. i am currently trying to convince my mom to switch over to using just reusable shopping bags and abandoning plastic bags. i am trying to find the right reusable shopping bag for her because she's quite picky but I definitely am looking for something lightweight but also sturdy. and i think this would be the perfect one!


lau1cc at yahoo dot com

hobbitjean said...

A reusable bag would be so wonderful. Five year old twin girls and they use these to haul all their treasures on our trips. Hope to see one soon. THANK YOU

Michelle said...

Thank you! I LOVE reusable bags and use them for everything, including groceries! Thank you so much for your generosity. seattleshelley at gmail dot com

thatcher06 said...

Hi, I have recently requested a bag, I think it is great what you are doing. More people should do more good things. I hate plastic bags. They are such a waste.

thatcher06 said...


Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! giving at freebies on your birthday is great!! thanks!!


Jaclyn said...

Happy Birthday, I would love to receive one of your bags!!!
I sew so I could totally make it super chic.

Brian said...

I would love one, what a great thing you are doing! BigB0882atgmaildotcom

BigNana said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad from one senior to another.

They say that old people do not like change. Not me. I would love to have a bag and use it at all my favorite stores. Belks, Penneys, Dillards. Would make me proud to say this old lady can change with the times.

Again, a big hip hip hooray and Happy Birthday to you

wishful said...

I have these in the front seat of my car to have on hand everytime I go to the grocery store. I truly can use more of them for my shopping is a lot and need more of these to put all my groceries in. I don't like plastic bags!! This would truly be a great addition to the other reusable bags I have.
Thank you for offering these. Very much appreciated!!

wishfullthinking39 at gmail dot com

jenesparza said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!!! Whoot Whoot
I am to converting to recycleable bags to help the enviorment..would love one thanks!

jenesparza at insightbb dot com

boni said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!!
I would love one of your bags because I have started going green and am trying to use cloth bags whenever I can but I do not have many of them so I end up using some of the plastic ones at stores. With this bag it will help me to stop using plastic altogether. I can keep it in the car so that it is always handy. Thanks a lot for the great work
you are doing.

winchix AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Bagette Dad!

Could you please send one of your bags here. I would love to give it to my son to teach him about helping the environment.. thanks

The Queen Of Free said...

I would love one of your sturdy bags. I live on the third floor and other reusable bags have broken on my trip up the stairs!

jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

Christy Ramsey said...

Happy Birthday, Bagette Dad! I would also love to receive a bag!

kchiki AT comcast DOT net!

B said...

happy birthday bagette dad!

i would really love one of these bags. i want to give it to my cousin who is currently learning about being environmentally friendly and want to get her to start using reusable bags!

herngmowmow at gmail dot com

gracey said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Day!

Saw you featured on Nightline a while ago, and thought how wonderfully resourceful and beautiful an idea it was! I'd LOVE one. Thanks a lot.

Joni Moore said...

I would love to be given the opportunity to use one of these bags. I have been using bags that I purchased at Food Lion and sometimes feel guilty for dragging my Food Lion bags into other stores like Target and Walmart. The pattern and directions seem simple enough for even a novice sewer such as myself...And just as soon as I can aquire a sewing machine I am going to begin putting some of them together myself.

This is definitely a great way to get others in the act of going green. Little steps like this will grow to make a big difference in the quality of our Earth for generations to come.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to do my part in being green, this is a good start!

Kimberly said...

I would love a reusable bag! I just started my own online business and I need something eco friendly to go back and forth to the post office with.
kirbycolby AT gmail DOT com

The Druggist said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!
I would love to receive one of your bags! (I like simple and elegant designs) Thank you! aana.clATgmailDOTcom
Anya Vas

celia said...

happy birthday bagette dad.
i live in california and i have seen all the plastic brags end up in the ocean i would like to do my part to stop this so i would love one of your bags i like blue and anything retro but any thing will work my email is celiacullen2 at yahoo dot com (

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bagette Dad. Hope you've had a great day. I try to use cloth bags for all my purchases so I could use another one. I can be reached at wetumkaatyahoodotcom.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Bagette Dad!

Would LOVE to receive a lovely cloth bags. I've started making some to give-away too... I'm on #5... :) 1st one was a test one with heavier fabric.. 2nd was lighter fabric and 3 and 4 were gifts to my sister and mom from denim..

thanks gor a great give-away.. I shall be doing some giving soon too. :)


thecounsils at comcast dot net

Anonymous said...

I've been teaching my kids about recycling, conserving energy, and saving the planet. my 7 year old asked "how many people does it take to save the planet?" I told him, "it takes everyone to save the planet, but takes one person to start and then other people start helping." we were both surfing the internet together when we found this site. I told him you started saving the planet, and other people are helping you. he wants to help, he wants to start using your bag for shopping. thank you so much, and happy birthday bagette dad!

junebutterfly said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!

I would love to receive a wonderful cloth bag. I am trying to get enough of them so that I never have to use the plastic bags again, and do what is best for our earth. I can not afford to buy them due to a job loss in our family, so I am very thankful for opportunities like this. I will most definitely use it every time I go to the store!

Thank you for this amazing offer!

Victor said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!

My wife has been talking about the Green Bag Lady for months and how nice it would be to have one of her great works. So I would like a freebie to surprise her. Thanks and keep up the good work!

victor.varela at sbcglobal dot net

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAGETTE DAD! hope you had a wonderful one!

I would love to get a reusable bag for my husband. He does grocery shopping everyday and always comes home with so many plastic bags which drives me crazy! I am trying to have him convert to using reusable bags especially when he shops for groceries and hope that he will actually listen to me. I think one of these bags would be great for him since they're sturdy and excellent for grocery shopping.

i think what you guys have been doing is great and is a great way in getting people to start using reusable bags!

iam.sheis at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hello from Texas!

I think the work that you are doing to help our planet is great. I want to do my part too, and having one of your shopping bags would be wonderful.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Baggy Dad! My friend Mary Sue in Gualala says these are the best bags ever, so I'd love to try one. What a great idea you have to make a difference! I'm going to check out your patterns next.
Thanks! JS
ps if you've got fabric with a garden theme, or fruit, or veg, or flowers, we'd love that.

Henry Power ( Helper at Gualala Camp) said...

Thanks so much 4 ur class. I love the bags but knowing i already have one, I cant apply for another one. Hope you come back next years

erinsolano said...

It would be great to get one of your bags - I have a few already, but the handles are always fraying. I'm afraid that one day one will break and my groceries will fall out.

alljade said...

Great idea! If more people started using non-plastic bags, this world would be a better place.
I would love to have one of your bags.

Also, I have some old jeans and other pants with tears that I can't repair but would hate to just throw out. Would be great if they can be recycled to make a bag! Do you think you could you use these? I'd love to give them to you.

aplioudvm at gmail dot com

Channcie said...

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday deeeaaarrrr
Bagette Dad.....

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I would love a reusable bag. Pink is my fav color.

I have tried to recycle and it is just so hard to do in the town I
live in... So I decided that I will start using reusable bags at the store instead of plastic... and now it has become an addiction... I collect these reusable bags... I even have a bag for my bags..

my email is...

channcie at gci dot net

Wendy said...

Hi! This is Harmony's sis-in-law...I was just telling her that I could use a lightweight bag to take to our brand new farmer's market. Doesn't make sense to bring home locally-grown organic stuff in a bunch of plastic bags.

Happy Day, Bagette Dad!

Maybe we'll get to meet your family tomorrow...

Wendycmc AT cjhsolutions DOT com

stefanie. said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad! I hope it's a good one and you get to spend the day with family and friends.

I would love to call one of these lovely bags my own. I hate how many plastic bags are piling up in our flat. A green bag would be just right.

rotegruetzeATgmailDOTcom said...

One of your freebies would be fantastic!! I have recently started using "green bags" and I don't yet have enough.

Thanks for an amazing freebie!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Bagette Dad! I just found your site and I'm going to try to make my bagette daughter a bag--would love one of yours to compare our skills! I bought some great fabric to use, but didn't find a pattern I really grooved on at the store!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on the first day of the rest of your life Bagette Dad!
Followed the link from your youtube video back to this website--your pictures of bags are sweet. Put me on your list for a sample bag if you get down this far --I will bookmark your site to watch your blog! I promise to take the bag with me everywhere!
dochjh at yahoo dot com

emilyh113ATyahooDOTcom said...

I would love a bag to hold my shopping findings. I currently use a halfprice book one b/c they are gigantic but it keeps falling apart so I need a new one.
Happy Birthday Bagette Dad! Hope you are happily busy!
Go Green!


Anonymous said...

Would love to have one of your bags to take with me to our local farmer's market!! It would look perfect filled with the fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers I pick up every week!

dblhelx AT gmail DOT com

Oh, and of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bagette Dad!!

Anonymous said...

Green Bag Lady, what a wonderful thing you are doing! Its great to see so many people benefiting from your amazing designs and lets not forget, the lovely planet we live on benefiting as well. You have proved that you can be cute and green all at the same time! Thank you so much!

I love to use fabric bags instead of paper or plastic, because not only do I feel better, but I get to let people know why I do what I do. Let's all re-use, huh?! Thanks for everything you do and for making 'earth friendly' look super cute all at the same time!

Happy birthday bagette dad! I hope this year is better than the last.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!

I'd love to have a bag as I've admired the one that someone else received from the Green Bag Lady.

It's a great idea.

fitden at

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Bagette Dad!!

Jenny Ballard AT hippopurplemonkey yahoo Dot Com

Anonymous said...

Happy celebration of the day you popped into this world! :o)

Thank you so much for honoring my request even though I'm late :o( I absolutely love what you are doing!!! Awesome work!

BarbourLA06 at uww dot edu

kidzmustplay said...


Would enjoy one of your bags you
Enjoy your day as it is all yours

kidzmustplay at sbcglobal dotnet