This is Great!!!

Hi Teresa,

We had a very successful and fun time yesterday, creating seven lovely bags, and bottoms and handles to get us up and running quickly when the group meets again in two weeks. We worked at the Common House of Blueberry Hill Cohousing Community, where three of us live.

The iron-on labels we will use say:

ESA Green Bag #
Made by a volunteer for

We started out with quite a lot of interesting fabric and threads, and three experienced sewers. The other two of us cut and ironed to speed up hemming tops and sewing the handles. One participant donated a book for keeping a record of bags given away - we plan to record the date, bag number, and home town of the recipient. I think it adds a little ceremony to the giving away of a bag which is done when an individual promises to use the bag instead of paper or plastic. Do you have any other suggestions for the actual turning over of a bag to a recipient? We are working toward giving away bags at an event the first Friday in October.

Thanks Teresa!


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Anonymous said...

This is delinquent bagette Lindsey. Did Rebecca tell you that she is my stepmother? See, I may be absent on Sundays, but I'm spreading the Green Bag Lady Spirit all the way to Virginia!!

You like how I casually take credit for the hard work of others? I should be ashamed.