Friday FREEBIE through First Friday in October!

This Freebie is now closed. My father, Bagette Dad will be contacting you for snail mail addresses. Please stay tuned for the next Freebie!


How about a FREEBIE? We haven't had one in a while. If you don't already have a Green Bag Lady bag, do the following to get one:



•IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a bag, thanks.


Happy posting, I look forward to reading them! Green Bag Lady Teresa

P.S. Why the baby robin? Just thinking of spring. . .this little one hatched right outside our front door 6 months ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Soleil and I would love a freebie. I have been recycling at home for about 10 years now and I do use re-usable grocery bags. I also have been known to haul the cardboard boxes from work to recycling centers. Please send me a e-mail address is soleillutyatyahoodotcom. Thanks a bunch! Peace and Love, Soleil

Anonymous said...

Love your site! You have inspired so many people to go green. My son is in Pre-K and his school did not have any recycling bins. I suggested to the director that we could start a recycling program. She thought it was a great idea! I am also a teacher and in my classroom I have bins for paper. It is unreal how much paper is thrown away in schools these days. I am so glad I could do my part. My email is
Thanks again for all you do!

Sarah said...

Hello, my name is Sarah and in addition to using reusable bags, I've now started using reusable produce bags. I'm also learning all about gardening and plan to expand the garden yet again this year so we can have lots to share next growing season. Please send me one of your beautiful bags. My email address is ssmendez(at)gmail(dot)com


The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

I have heard so much about sister and mum have both walked away with one of your green bags...I am super excited about your giveaway on Friday...this is not onlymy 29th birthday but I am excited to let you know about the green thing that I do to help the environment. I recycle..I take the lids of the plastic bottles (which are not recycable) and everything that I could possibly place in the recycle bin is placed in there. I am also super keen to start growing my own vegies...

Thanks heaps

Sue McGettigan said...

What a wonderful citizen of the planet you are!! I found your blog through MissesStitches, who I met at a quilt show. I LOVE what you're doing - bravo!

I keep reusable bags in my car for grocery shopping, flea marketing, any bag needs at all. Mostly I have the cheapo store brand bags, my faves are the Trader Joe's bags, some of them state "I used to be a plastic water bottle" - I love to see recycling in action. We recycle as much of our trash as possible at home, luckily our city has curbside recycling, that makes it almost criminal NOT to do it, don't you think? I think the world is a more charming place with reusable bags, and certainly with your lovely fabric bags floating around.

ozzigirl at cox dot net

Anonymous said...

Yay freebies! We use re-usable grocery bags at home and only buy post-consumer recycled toilet paper. We've eliminated our use of paper towels completely, using rags instead. In addition, we stopped buying commercial cleansers and clean with a vinegar/water solution.

My address is: stever_laura(at)

Would love a freebie!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Kirsten. I have two little ones and try to teach them to be green. They help me become green. The biggest thing I've done to be green is actually so easy and small: I put a recycling bin upstairs in my home. Our recycling has easily trippled since doing this. I also put one under the sink in the kitchen. Yes, the big recycle cart is just outside in the garage, but the ease of having these two 'indoor' bins has really helped us. My daughter recently asked for a recycle bin in her bedroom too!
My email is: crombiepdxATcomcastDOTcom

moose_mama said...

I am Talyn in Idaho. I have sewn a few bags from thrifted fabric (clothes from the Thrift Store). I try to use them every time I shop or go to the library. I would love a free bag. Thanks!

moose_mama said...

I forgot to leave my email address. talynwathotmaildotcom

Wanda said...

Hi. Awesome site. I try to do something more 'green' every 6 months. I recycle, use green bags, stopped using disposable water bottles and bought a water filter, changed light bulbs to energy efficient, turned my thermostat down 3 degrees, walk more and use car less often.

Thanks, for the free bag. I am sure it will ensue 'green' conversations!

Jaime said...

Hello! I love what you are doing! We have gone green by making some recycling trash cans and are teaching our toddler to throw his empty milk jugs in the right can. He's doing great! My email address is ihaveacoupon (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Great website! I would love a freebie. We have joined a CSA. We pack lunches everyday in reuseable bags, use only reuseable water bottles, and keep our thermostat at 65. My email is glenn.elise(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks, Elise

Anonymous said...

Love these green bags! Makes sorting groceries easier at chekout and easier to bring inside. Besides using the bags, I recycle aluminum cans, plastics, and cardboard. I also collect the tabs from cans for the Ronald McDonald House to recycle for profit! Along with the recycling, my house has solar screens to reduce the energy consumption in uor house!My email is:


andrea said...

i have already received a bag (thank you again!) and get new people to check out your site and enter for freebies all the time.
* i have tons of reuseable bags, i make my own and pass them out to family, friends and strangers.
* i have extra fabric to make gift bags instead of buying them at stores. i also reuse any bags and tissue paper that i receive.
* we have a great bike trailer/jogger for the little ones and i try to walk as much as possible (which is tough while 9 months pregnant in south florida!)
* i'm super excited about our communities green market that will start up again this weekend!
* we have reusable bottles which are always filled and ready to go.
* i use a vinegar/water mixture for household cleaning, and i use old lemons and limes to clean and freshen our garbage disposal.
* recycling of course is also big in our house, i love how little garbage we have now! our recycling has actually gone down too since i've been paying more attention to what kind of products i buy.
we place everything on the side of the sink to recycle and when our 2 year old sees it he grabs it, says 'cycle bin' and heads for the garage so that he can place it in the bin. he even pushes the bins out to the road on recycling day!

i'm going to enter a friend that i know has not won yet but has entered before, hope that's ok, thanks again!


Anonymous said...

This is the first I've heard about your site & I'm very excited about it ... especially since I caught it during a Freebie.

My name is Kaye & on top of the reusable bags, our family recylces as much as possible at home, work & school.

my email address is kaye-bAThotmailDOTcom

Anonymous said...

I try to use resuable bags and I also try to recycle everything to be green. I like reading your site. Email address

The Cooking Lady said...

Things we do that are green:
1)There are 2 vegetarians in the house
2) We recycle as much as we can
3)Two of us take Army showers
4)We compost
5)We use our own bags or none at all if the item is small
6) We know what an off switch is for
7)We unplug energy vampires
8)Thee a/c is set to 77-78


Shelly said...

I would love to have another green bag. Something green that we are doing, is recycling, a lot.
Thank you so much!!
shell_anna(at)msn dot come

Cara said...

Hi! My name is Cara and I can't wait to receive my freebie green bag (it will go well with my other reusable shopping bags, but be oh so much prettier!). I learned about your site from my bestie Harmony, of HarmonyArt, who is so green she should be sprouting leaves from her fingernails. At our house, we recycle our cans, plastics, and cardboard. We use cloth shopping bags (no plastic!!!), and we reuse glass jars to store edible leftovers rather than purchasing Rubbermaid or Tupperware, which release toxins into our food when heated. We use thermoses for water, rather than purchasing bottled water, and, when we need new clothes, we send out messages to our friends and family asking them to send us the clothes set aside for Goodwill. We pay them for shipping using PayPal, so it's no skin off their noses. We also drive a Honda Fit, which is not a hybrid, but pretty darn close. When we can walk or ride bikes we do. It may not seem like much to the more avid green person, but it's a start and we're passing on valuable lessons to our son. Thanks Harmony and Green Bag Lady for doing so much more!

E-mail: cara_buitron@hotmaildotcom

TTorres said...

Hello there!
I love this blog. For a start, I walk anytime that I can, and my husband bikes. We also don't use paper products unless we eat out. Using regular towels and washing all the dishes has proven to be cheaper. I have also eliminated coffee after watching a video on how much water it actually consumes.
My email is
Thank you for the free bag
-Lots of thoughts, TP

Gretel said...

Hi my name is Gretel and my friend Harmony told me about your awesome site! I am happy to be back in SF the land of bringing your own bags.

I would love a bag :-)

My email is:

Thanks for helping out this world!

Anonymous said...

In the early 90's, my job was helping cities throughout the U.S. get started with their plastic recycling program. Ever since then, recycling has been a priority for me and my family. We ride bikes/walk, recycle, re-use/reduce, compost and grow almost all of our own vegetables in an effort to live a more self-sustaining lifestyle. Thanks for all of your efforts and generosity. We look forward to using your bag! martha_sliney(at)hotmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Joy, and I have been recyclying plastic, paper, and cans for years now. I'm just started to begin using reusable bags. Please send me a bag. My email is ftc_joykatyahoodotcom. Thank you very much!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Could definitely use a reusable grocery bag. Been recycling the meat trays and plastic cups for crafts with the kids. Please send me a bag. My email is ftchs10atcomcastdotnet.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog! I am Jodie and I make my own green cleaners and laundry soap. I also use the back of kids school papers & junk mail for drawing and printer paper. I'd love to be a part of this!! jmk_515atyahoodotcom


Anonymous said...

I would love to start using recylable grocery bags and yours will be my first. I do recycle grocery bags and pick up bottles and cans when I walk. thanks bpaprocki(at)ca(dot)rr(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Dessa.
In our house we recycle all products that can be, making recycling runs weekly. We use filtered water with reusable bottles instead of buying bottled water. we compost for our garden, have planted almost all landscaping with fruit or vegetable producing plants to reduce our dependency on imported and trucked products. We of course use the green bags from our supermarkets, and we freecycle things we no longer need or use to reduce landfill wate while at the same time helping others who can use those items.
We would love to be a proud receipient of one of your bags.
My email is

Lisa R. said...

Hi Green Bad Lady, What a wonderful thing you are doing. Although I use reusable bags at the store now, they are not very attractive! But I still use them, of course. Would love to have one of your beautiful bags. We reuse as much as we can in our house, repurposing containers, bags, etc. for other projects. We recycle everything that our township accepts. But most importantly, we Reduce what we buy. We always think about whether we need something before we bring it home so we don't have worry about how to dispose of it later.
Thanks so much.

Amy said...

Just found your site. It's inspiring. This year we've begun to teach our daughters about gardening and we've all enjoyed it. We also make our own laundry detergents and household cleaners. No more throwing plastic cleaner bottles away, plus we know the fumes (if any) won't harm our girls. Please send me a bag. My e-mail address is:

Tracy said...

I love your website--and your bags! My family of 6 (including 4 daughters ages 8-13) have been recyling for many years now. We are fortunate enough to have curb-side recycling and we fill that can up! I also use recyclable bags when grocery shopping, but I never have enough! I would love one of your beautiful bags! My email address is

Anonymous said...

I have recently replaced all my light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Thanks for the freebie.



Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Gina and I love teaching my two young daughters about recycling! We re-use ALL the paper that comes through this house, junk mail, old magazines, newspapers, it all ends up in our craft bin and we have a blast using it! We never have to buy craft paper! We also have two gardens, one in the front and one in the back yard, my girls help me with both of them and each season they get to pick a veggie of their choice to plant and grow!
my email,
Thanks! Looking forward to sportin' one of your bags!

Ellen said...

I have decided to be more diligent about recycling, I am using reusable bags and repurposing as much as possible. My goal is to set a good example for my daughter so that she will have a better world to grow up in.

my mail is
ellenmcgilpatyadteldotnet Thanks! This is a great idea!

Trish said...

Hi, My name is Trish. At our house we wash out and reuse plastic baggies; we changed our light bulbs to the energy efficient ones. And we turn off lights in rooms not being used, we also upped our thermostat.

my email addy

Anonymous said...

Hello!! My name is Cheryl. We re-use plastic baggies and have switched to cloth towels/ napkins instead of paper. My email is cheltie68atcincidotrrdotcom.

Anonymous said...


I would love the freebie as well. We recycle anything that we can at home (i.e. junk mail, newspapers, cans, bottles, etc.) We also store any plastic bags and reuse them as many times as we can. We're being extremely aware of saving water as well, for example when I wash veggies for dinner I use the dirty water to water my plants in the garden.

My email address is:

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Shelley and I would love one of your bags! I use reusable bags for my shopping trips. I also recycle all of our newspapers and magazines at our library recycle bin. We wash out freezer bags to reuse as well as plastic containers like butter and cool whip containers. Thanks so much! My email address is sethsmama1atverizondotnet


Anonymous said...

Just found your site and enjoy reading all the info here. I use re-usable grocery bags and any plastic bags our family receives, we receycle multiple times. We are also recycling our trash too. I would love a "green lady bag". Email me at lea6246atyahoodotcom.
Thanks, Robbie

Jennifer said...

Hello. wow so many green friendly cuties. I just heard about your bags tonight and would loveee one. Well here are some of the ways (a few that come to mind)
1. Recycle bags IF I use plastic. I'm a fan of tote bags.
2. Use energy efficient light bulbs - switched them out in my apartment.
3. Burn candles instead of keeping the lights on, always turning them off when leaving the room.
4. Never running ac when not home or door is open. Keeping at higher temp/"normal" temp.
5. Gas efficient car
6. Eat organic produce/meat (IF I must/do eat meat). Not just the oscar myer brand stuff with "all natural" stamped on it. I ensure its actually REALLY organic and a reputable company. I love whole foods.
7. Recycle all products in correct bin (we do it at work now too!) seperating glass from plastic, etc.
8. drink from glass cups not water bottles unless higher # and reuse.
10. IF must use to go cups I always use corn product not styrofoam. We now carry those at work too - corn products.
11. Use rags and towels instead of napkins/paper towels. Use homemade cleaners, and recycle even in your garden potting (can use old paper coverings from straws)
12. Take care of our earth/nature!!!
13. last BUT NOT LEAST the most important thing you can do is EDUCATE.

Anonymous said...

I'm making an effort to bring my reusable bags at the grocery store, buy CFL light bulbs, and throw unused vegetables in my garden to biodegrade. I recycle as much as I can.


Abby Crenshaw said...

Hi! My name is abby! Im a such a recycle queen! I even pay to have recycling picked up at my house once a week! I won an award in 1st grade for recycling because i spent my recess time picking up trash off the playground so this has been instilled at a very young age! I have always looked for new and improved websites about going green! I'd love to add a free bag to my collection! jaded(underscore)civic96(at)hotmail(dot)com
I love the site!!

A Edgar said...

Hello! One thing we have done that was an easy way to go green -- we have stopped using paper towels and paper napkins in favor of cloth. It has been very easy, actually, and we've really saved a TON of paper towels from the landfills!

I have also stopped handing out paperwork in my classroom -- no syllabus to go immediately in the trash -- and started posting them online instead.

My email is aedgar(at)uark(dot)edu. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Green is Good! I am a founding member of our office recyclers - got the company signed up for recycling and trade off weeks w/ co-workers to take home what doesn't get picked up at work. I have been known to dumpster dive through our copier room trash bin to recover paper and move it into the recycling bin. I also rescue bottles and cans from the office kitchen trash to be recycled. I would love a bag to transport our daily mail. Email is fredalou(at)principia(dot)edu. I found you thanks to HarmonyArt. Thanks for your example-setting! love, Freddie

Amanda said...

Hi! My name is Amanda and I would greatly appreciate this feebie. I am a mommy of two in diapers, and I've begun to become more green b/c I'm seeing the impact that two little ones have on the environment. I've begun to recylce although right now its mostly just paper products and I've been reusing plastic bags for a couple of months. Anyway please send me a bag my e-mail is strydersmomatgmaildotcom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Lady Bag,

Found you by chance from

I'm inspired by your planning to learn how to use a sewing machine to sew the of my many 2010 resolutions...

My humble green projects are have been a vegetarian for a few years now and recycle as much as i can when doing crafts with children.

My email address is daffodil1011(at)yahoo(dot)com


Love, Ean (from Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

I think what you do is AMAZING! and it encourages others (like myself) to try a little harder every day.
My name is Janan and the little help i do is not only do we recycle in my own home but i've made out of old garbage cans recycling boxes my neighbors and i use in our home to organize our recyclables as well
Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Ruba and my attempt at being a little green every week is for my daughters ballet classes and soccer team i have made every member of both groups their own individualized water bottles to reuse. and because they are decorated and labeled with their names they are a huge hit!

Anonymous said...

Greetings! I home educate my son so, we recycle and reuse just about anything. I shop with reusable bags, we use old juice cartons for planting herbs, and reuse all sorts of other containers for crafts. And I make my own laundry soap. I'd love to have one of your bags. ifayabale(at)yahoo(dot)com


Anonymous said...

My family has began collecting the juice drink pouches and recycling them with a company that turns them into pencil pouches and other items.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have found your site through the Nashville Farmers' Market! My family laughs at my piles of recyclables but are always bringing home bottles, cans, paper, etc from homes of friends who DON'T recycle. I will give my freebie to my mom, who needs a little encouraging in this endeavor to be better stewards of our beautiful planet. Thank you so much for your service!

Christina said...

Hi! I'm Christina and I've been using reusable bags on all of my grocery trips. We also recycle all that we can at home.
My email is:

stuffnsew said...

Hi! My name is Cassandra. I would love to have one of your free shopping bags. i use the green bags at the grocery store but never seem to have enough when I go shopping. We recycle all of our glass, paper, plastic, food goes in compost, and our metals when we have them so we we try to only have one bag of actual garbage for the trash man. We try to only buy drinks in glass bottles that are returnable. We try to grow and can our own vegetables but this year our tomatoes got the blight and ruined our garden. We use no chemicals in our garden so it was a tough year. Anyway, my email is Thanks so much and keep up the good work. My daughter wants to sew clothes from items at goodwill. Hope it works out! Cassandra

Mandy said...

Forgot to leave the 'something green that I do' part--- too concerned about being concise I suppose.
Something green that I have done is purchase a set of ceramic mugs for my office. I allow co-workers and guests to use them instead of foam disposable cups, and then I wash them to be used over and over again. Something so small, but it has probably saved thousands of those pesky foam cups!
Thanks again, Green bag lady!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great website! Something green that I do is, well, use reusable bags! I love them, they hold so much, and are way easier to carry than plastic. I also use a lot of "natural" cleaners around the house.



Anonymous said...

I drive 15 miles one way to recycle. Would love a bag.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am Rebecca and I would love a bag! I live in Nashville and heard about you a long time ago but have never been able to get a bag.

I use reusable grocery bags. I use plastic grocery bags that have been collected over time instead of trash bags. I recycle everything I can at home and at work. I unplug electronic devices when not in use. I have a good size garden in my backyard.

My email address is gloworm693AThotmailDOTcom

rtlaing said...

I would love free stuff, im always online signing up for free stuff thats how i found out about getting a free reusable bag... me and my husband are trying more and more each day to reuse and recycle . please send me a bag
Thank you so much ,
Rebecca from WA

thanks again...

shelly said...

i use re-usable grocery bags for everything. i also switched to using cloth napkins instead of papertowels recently.