Hey all you in or near L.A.!

If I lived closer, I would be there. If you are anywhere near Los Angeles, please join blogger beach clean up day this Saturday! For more info, click here. I have donated 20 bags for beach clean up, get there early and you might get one. Read more here. Sara from The Daily Ocean will be there too. I posted about her a while back here.

Go, because I can't. Go because you might get a great bag. Go because the ocean needs you. Just go. Oh, and send me some photos to post while you're at it! Teresa


The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Wish I could make it Teresa..What a worthy cause.


green LA girl said...

Thank you for donating bags to the cause! I'm sure the Blogger Beach Cleanup volunteers who get them will put them to good use :)

Sara Bayles said...

thanks for posting about us teresa! i will send you lots of pictures :)

thanks for your support.