Change Your Mind. . .

Ok, so we are coming upon the "season of stuff" as I like to call it. This is the season where we all cram more stuff into our already over loaded lives.

I challenge you to change your mind this season. Really, change the way you think. Watching THIS will help. Is all the stuff you are planning on buying really worth all the natural resources it takes to make it? Think twice or three times when buying. . .

1) How was the item you are buying produced? Is it sustainable, recyclable, earth friendly?

2) Does the person you are buying the item for really NEED it?

3) Is there an alternate item that would be more earth friendly, sustainable, locally produced, HANDMADE? Have you ever been on Etsy? Everything on the site is handmade. I have been thrilled by the items I have purchased from Etsy sellers.

4) How about giving gift certificates (even for services that YOU provide like mowing the lawn, babysitting, etc), consumables (either handmade or bought), or even giving something that you no longer use? I have a friend that gets hand me down toys in great shape from my kids and she wraps them up for her kids' birthdays/Christmas. The kids don't know the difference.

5) For the gifts you do give, please make the packaging/wrapping reusable or recyclable. How about wrapping presents in newspaper, dishtowels or fabric bags? Gift wrap bag pattern is HERE. Last year, Bagette April gave me local honey and homemade granola in reusable glass jars nestled in a beautiful green kitchen towel that is one of my favorites. I loved it. I love her too. :)

First though, let's give thanks on Thursday for all that we DO have already. Happy turkey day. Enjoy! Teresa

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Sharee said...

Got my bags! Thanks so much, they are going to be great gifts for my son and niece.