Fabric Donation!

A special thank you to Sharry Sullivan of Wisconsin who sent us some wonderful fabric! See the rolls on the left of the photo? Those are oil cloth. We have not made bags from oil cloth before. I got so excited about it, I promptly cut some off and brought it home, this is the result. . .

Aren't they great? Sturdy too. Thank you Sharry for shipping all this great material for us! Teresa and all


sudha said...

Hello Teresa

you made my day..I feel so proud to have been acknowledged by you :)....I had written about you in my blog...and had actually become one of your fans!

I am overwhelmed by your offer for a bag...I ll be more than glad to flaunt it :)

lots of luv and take care

PS: Here is the link to my post about you - http://sudhasrinath.blogspot.com/2009/10/green-bag-lady.html

Cindy C said...

Love the oil cloth bags too! I reupholstered all my hand me down chairs with oil cloth and it's water repellant! Great for little kids!