New Years GREEN Resolution FREEBIE!

Well, it appears to be time for another FREEBIE, what do you say? Here is what you need to do. . .

Pick one of the following GREEN resolutions and tell us in your comment which one you are going to do for 2010 and beyond. It doesn't count if it is something you already do, you HAVE to pick something NEW! (hey that rhymed)

•join a CSA
•use fabric bags (all the time)
•stop using wrapping paper
•buy local foods as much as possible
•give only handmade gifts (if you are not crafty, check out ETSY)
•conserve water
•turn your thermostat down or up (depending on the season)
•switch to energy efficient light bulbs
•switch to energy efficient appliances
•reduce what you buy
•plant a tree

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks.




•Yes, we will ship internationally.


COMMENTS CLOSED, Bagette Dad will be emailing the winners. Thanks for the great resolutions!


The Green Lilly said...


Can I only pick one? I plan to donate $25 every two weeks to help reforestation efforts-that should plant lots of trees! I will also plant one or two native trees in my backyard.

The Green Lilly

Derek Wall said...

these are mine, a bit english centric but please please support the indigenous

JenW!~ said...

I resolve to reduce what I buy. I plan to start by cutting back on my grocery bills. We will be making more things and freezing them such as waffles and pancakes.

Sonja said...

I'm realy going to TRY and use fabric bags ALL THE TIME!!!
I loved your gift bags, I made a few for Christmas, (the hub loved it). I want to make more for birthdays and holidays. NO MORE WRAPPING PAPER!
More gardening for me, yum!

Sonja said...

I forgot my e-mail(silly me)

cindy said...


I plan to compost. I have done the others!

Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...


I plan to use no more wrapping paper.
I want to make fabric bags instead when I have to gift.


Anonymous said...


I plan to compost. It seems like the perfect thing for me, the gardner in the family, to take up.

Thanks! :D

Chandra said...


I am just crating my new blog addressed at www.greenbagindonesia.blogspot,com. I want to spread the green bag lady spirit among Indonesia society where plastic and rubbish is main enviromental issue in here and green bag is not so popular as shopping bag. People here just dont have the habit to bring green bag each time they went to shop.

tchris said...

I will definitely recycle, use reusable bags, buy local foods as much as possible, conserve water, turn down my thermostat, use energy efficient bulbs and reduce what I buy. All of these things will definitely help me and my family as well as our Earth. :)

Tamara said...

What a GREAT idea!! I plan to use fabric bags all of the time and look forward to bringing them into the fabric stores when buying fabric. Plan to stop using wrapping paper; love the bags and great for left over fabric remanents. Gave out potato bags this year and plan to continue giving out handmade gifts. I am also in the promotional industry and plan to start getting donations from the mills on discontinued garments and may start making some of these bags or donating the garments to you and your operation. LOVE THE IDEA AND EFFORTS!
Ideas by Design

Helen said...

I will use fabric bags ALL THE TIME and really only give HANDMADE gifts! Yay for Etsy!


Marie said...

I just found your site and love it! I plan to use fabric bags instead of plastic, and am a seamstress, and crafter, so I plan to give only handmade gifts. I have been wanting to do that for years!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

We just bought our first house on 5 acres, and not one tree on the property. My hubby joined the national arboy day foundation and they just mailed us like 15 little baby trees. We plan to plant lots and lots o trees this year.

Anna said...

We are going to reduce the amount of stuff we buy. aehaas (at) gmail(dot)com

Freda said...

We are going to start reducing what we use here in my home. I won a previous freebie so I'm trying to win for a my sister.
freda(dot) messick (at) gmail (dot) com

KiraAJ said...

well this is a hard one...i did use a lil wrapping paper this chrissy so i guess this year i plan on using absolutely no wrapping paper at all! everything else my household is already doing :)

gill said...

i plan to give only handmade gifts this year!it should be a really great challenge

Lisa H. said...

I plan to give up using all plastic bags. I want to sew a few bags myself and sew, hand-knit, or cook gifts for family members this year. Thanks for the chance to win a bag!

Lisa H.


M said...

Hmmm.. good question - we already recycle, compost, have a CSA for veg and fruit, fabric bags (90%), buy local foods as much as possible (90% - I have to give up Trader Joes), give handmade gifts (50% of the time), conserve water (conveniently we have no pressure in the shower!), and husband has the thermostat under control, and has made the switch to energy efficient light bulbs. We shop first at thrift shops to reduce original consumption.. Hmm.. I guess we need to switch to energy efficient appliances and plant some trees!
OH and another one: I ABSOLUTELY VOW TO REDUCE PACKAGING!! Somehow our recycle bin has too much in it! We could switch to milk in glass bottles! Yay!


Sue K Livonia Michigan said...

I will try to use only fabric bags. I am going to use your pattern and make some of my own for family and friends. They will be so much more interesting than Kroger or WalMart bags.

Tawney Peterson said...

What a great way to help our world! This year I am going to buy less. I am planting a garden, canning the produce and like my mom trading the bounty with her and my own daughter. We are going to coordinate what we plant so that we can trade our extras for something we don't have. Not only will we be healthier we are helping each other buy less. My daughter isn't able to plant a garden where she lives so she helps with the labor involved to receive her produce. Win/win/win!!

Tawney Peterson said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my email...tawneyp(at)bresnan(9dot)net

thecounsiltwins said...

I plan on making all the gifts I give this year.. even for my kids. I will also working hard on using only fabric gift bags for everything.

I already have a bag but would give this one to my MIL. She hasn't gone completely fabric but has had me make a few bags for her friends so I know she wants. I know this would help.

Thanks for the awesome chance!

Anonymous said...

whoops.. signed in with wrong email.. this is the correct blog thingie.


Nikki said...

I want to buy local as much as possible what an impact that would have if everyone made the effort and yummy fresher food!

Thank you!

docsage said...

We already do most of the things on your list, so I'll pick the one that takes longest -- only give handmade gifts. It's a good thing I like crafting!

peanut492 said...

I am going to stop using wrapping paper. I picked up some fabric today marked down after-Christmas sale. I hope to pick up other materials on markdown for birthdays too. Also plan on checking for material sources at local Goodwill.
Email is:

audreyscountrycrafts said...

We are going to plant a tree - well 145 trees actually :)
This year I also desperately want to cut down on what I buy especially items in non recyclable containers.

audreyscountrycrafts at gmail dot com

(thanks to Wandering Knits for helping my find your site!)

Jo said...

Oh, how exciting to see people's resolutions! Every little bit truly does help. I'm going to join a CSA this year, and I'm going to start composting.

My email... midnightcat(at)yahoo(dot)com

tracyp said...

At our house we are switching to florescent lightbulbs, turning down our thermostat and buying more organic produce.
Your bags are beautiful, I just found your site today and I love it!


Kelly said...

Wow what great suggestions! I'm going to "give only handmade gifts". But I am also going to try to incorporate a few others too!

sewingandxstitching at verizon dot net

Danielle said...

From the list, I am planning to start composting this year. I began a worm bin in the fall, but it is only stocked with wrigglers we found in the garden. In the spring, I plan to buy a bunch more and REALLY start composting.

The Happy Wife
ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

wheresmyrain said...

such a great great idea you got going here.
my choice from above is to plant a tree....or three.or four. always wanted to do this

wheresmyrain at yahoo dot com

Chiquita said...

My plans are slightly less ambitious than some...
1) Compost. I've tried this before, but always lost motivation to do maintenance. Now my city has a drop-off site. This might help.
2) Keep my driving to under 1000 miles this year. And never drive alone. Not for everybody, and only possible because I have a reasonable public transit commute for work. Mainly the car will be for longer distance trips, or things that will go later than the buses.

burplefus (at) yahoo (dot) com

Katie said...


I'm just getting started on a compost in our back yard. All of us can implement so many of these in our daily life.
I am the lucky owner of bag #5511 and I just LOVE it. If I win one I will be gifting it to my mother in law. She always compliments me the bag I have she would love to have one of her own.
Thanks for what you do to make this world a better place for all of us!

Misty Albany, Oregon said...

I am planning on using cloth bags ALL the time, but also making gift and things for my family by reusing old things to make new things. And I plan on being more resourceful with food and make more meals from scratch and adding more fruit and veggies in our diet. Im also making diaper covers for my baby as well to save money.

Kellie said...

This Christmas I gave about 50% handmade gifts, and I will continue to up that number. My resolution though, is to plant a tree (or two). I know just the spots!
Thanks for your work,
Kellie H.

Anna said...

Love it!! This past Christmas I gave many handmade gifts. I have recently decided to stop all non fabric grocery bag use as well. I won one of your bags recently, and would like to (if selected) give mine away at a speech I am giving in my town about the book, "The World Without Us' and our environmental impact. I hope to inspire a group of women to reduce their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. This would be perfect! Thank you!

cheryl silcox said...

I'm going to reduce what I buy:)
Thanks for the help! cherylsilcox(at)