Cousin Irene

My cousin Irene was here visiting for a week. She lives in France and has for 24 years. She was here in Nashville to watch a friend who was competing in this event. Of course, I could not send Irene home without a Green Bag Lady bag, could I?
And, I had to send some for her friends too. I do what I can for international relations! Teresa


Clemmie Nightingale said...

Dear Teaesa,
I am a big fan of Whisker Graphics and read on Whitney Beard's blog about your green bags.Oh BRAVO!!! I was thrilled to read about your project for 2 reasons, 1. I'm all about recycling, 2. I have some fabric I would like to donate to you. I judt did a classic beginner sewers mistake and ordered wayyyy too much fabric and had no clue what to do with it. Please can I send it to you? You can e-mail me @ Thanks so much! You go girl! Janet Comby

Clemmie Nightingale said...

P.S. So sorry for all the mispelled words! I really do know how to spell Teresa and just.

Irene said...

Hi Teresa,
Thank you so much for your warm, generous hospitality, and for the beautiful bags!
I'm sending you a photo of Laurence with her lovely pink and purple bag, and she says she'll take pictures of the ones she is giving away. The plain black one she got is going to a friend of hers who does embroidery. We expect there will be a "before" and "after" shot of that one.
My friend Brenda promised she'd send you a picture of her with her bag. The others are going to be mailed to my friends in Europe. Oh, Totoro is thrilled with his bag, too!
Love, Irene

Mlle Leclercq said...

Hi Teresa,
you do what you can, but you're doing great :o)