FREEBIE Produce Bags! 14 winners! And, some compassion. . .

NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS in 2010! Win a set of produce bags and you won't need to use those plastic bags either!

This FREEBIE is brought to you by Green Bag Lady AND Sara, the Smokey Mountain Bag Lady. Sara sent me a box a couple of weeks ago with fabric in it for pet beds, about 2 dozen shopping bags and a stack of produce bags. I love Sara. She is wonderful. She lives in Knoxville. I wish she lived in Nashville. Sigh.

Anyway, Sara kicked me into gear to finally make all the produce bags that I had sitting in my sewing room that needed some love. Here they are! Pictured above. . .all 42 of them. I have split them into sets of 3 making 14 sets. SO, Sara and I are giving away 14 sets of produce bags. YAY! Here is how you can win:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks.

•In the comment tell us your 3 favorite produce items.


•14 winners will be randomly selected on Jan 21 to win 3 produce bags each.

If you are not selected, the produce bag PATTERN is here, make some!

Thanks for playing! Good luck! Teresa and Sara

P.S. For the compassion. . .you would have to live in a bubble not to be touched by what has happened in Haiti. My church has a sister parish in Port au Prince that was damaged by the earthquake not to mention lives lost. I will donate $1.00 per person (up to $300) that comments on this freebie. Even if you don't want the produce bags, just say hi and that you would like to have me donate a dollar for you. I will be donating directly to our sister parish, Holy Name, in Haiti. Thanks.



Bre said...

I have been wanting something like this...but alas to lazy and untalented to make my own! This would be great! My three fave produce items are apples, squash, and avocado's! Hope I get a set!


Lisa said...

I love produce bags...what a great idea and a fabulous giveaway. Our top three produce in our house is cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.


Brooke said...

I would love to have produce bags! Our favorites are Bananas, avocado's, and kale!

Thanks so much for all your sweetness!
heartnmaui at gmail dot com

Grace Wong said...

I love these bags!
My 3 favorite produce items are sweet potatoes, clementines, and avacados!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION - AND CARE. Thank you also for a free bag - I was the winner of the "environmental discussion" post - thank you for all your work.

sweetpea said...

Have a couple and love them... use them for red peppers, apples, pears, asparagus, onions and squash and zuchini...

Cindy said...

Too cute, what a great idea! Only 3 produce items, that's tough. I guess Bananas, Broccoli, and Avocado's.


The Simple Country Chick said...

What a great giveaway. My 3 favorite produce is green beans, bannanas, and apples.


Kelly said...

What a very sweet thing to do for Haiti. We were able to donate at our local store today.

I would love some produce bags! I was at the store today and got apples, onions, and oranges....yummy!

sewingandxstitching (at) verizon (dot) net

Anonymous said...

Thank you for donating.

My three favorite produce items are apples, carrots & cukes!
Hope I win!


Alexis said...

I recently found your site and have used your pattern for the bag. I have made one so far and have used it already. :) I plan to make a few produce bags in the coming weeks as well. I plan to have everyone I know outfitted with bags in the coming months. The stores here sell reusable bags and many charge 5 cents per plastic bag. The problem with the reusable ones they sell is that they are not recyclable when they break or tear and they are not easily washed.

I really like your idea of the donation for Haiti.

Alexis in Halifax NS

Sarah said...

Wow, you are amazing! I love your commitment and enthusiasm; it is truly inspiring! Thank you for all you do!

My 3 favorite produce items are bananas, avocados, and roma tomatoes!

Thanks again,
Sarah H

docsage said...

You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much.

I keep intending to make some of these, but quilts keep getting in the way.

My faves are broccoli, any cooking greens and Granny Smith apples.


Thanks again.

Beth said...

I love the idea of making produce bags. I hope I win some! My 3 favorite produce items are asparagus, oranges and onions. My email is bethscookieconfections(at)yahoo(dot)com

KiraAJ said...

oooo! my 3 most fav produce items i always buy are asapargus! avocados! and cabbage! kirajacobs43558 at gmail dot com

Debbie said...

I've got produce bags already so I'll leave those without to enter the drawing, but I'm happy to commit you to donating an extra $1 to your sister church. I've already donated money via Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) and encourage everybody who can to donate whatever they can afford to the relief effort.

Loulou said...

What a fantastic project! I would love to use these at the local market.
My three favorite produce items are Swiss chard, zucchini and tomatoes.

cass said...

produce bags, what a great idea! my three fav produce items are onions, carrots, and zucchini!


Chandra Malini said...

Its very beautiful ideas! I never thought that this bag is for produce items. We usually put this items on clear plastic for weighing. My favorite produce items are apples, pear and oranges. I love to receive it Teresa. Pick me!


Juli said...

I would love the produce bags! The grocery bags that I have made with your pattern are fantastic. I even made an extra large one to hold the premade dinner container that sells at Whole Foods.

It is great that you are sending a donation to Haiti!


Anonymous said...

God bless you for reaching out to those in Haiti. Such a sad situation.

The produce bags are such a wonderful idea. We use cloth bags at the market for general grocery carrying, but still rely on plastic produce bags for that need - what a super idea! Our three family produce favorites are broccoli, bananas and apples.

Again, many thanks for all you do!
Amy in Texas
inkdotwell (at) verizon (dot) net

Jena said...

What a great idea! I always bring my cloth bags for the rest of the groceries, this would be fantastic! My favorite produce are oranges, apples, and grapes.



Anna said...

apples, bananas, avocados! The list could go on and on. Would love to win these. aehaas (at) gmail(dot) com

cindy said...

I have wanted this bag since I heard of them on other blogs. My three fave vegetables are: tomatoes, lettuce + carrots. Fruits: bananas, apples + kiwi.


Anonymous said...

awesome giveaway! I have never liked the plastic bags they provide in grocery store. Love, love, love potatoes, avocados + string beans.


Anonymous said...

Squash+radishes+chayote are a must in my house.


Judy said...

Produce bags, what a wonderful idea! I see many people using cloth bags, now maybe they will also start using produce bags. My fav's are tomato's, lettuce, cucumbers. I also check to see if any of these are grown in U.S.A, choosing them instead of grown out of the country.

Judy said...

Sorry, forgot to leave my email in the correct form..and thanks for helping the people of Haiti.

Scrapity Anne said...

My 3 fave produce items are apples, zuchini, and tomatoes! This is an AMAZING freebie and I love your blog.

Scrapity Anne said...

wooops, forgot the email!

Sonja said...

My fave 3??? Lettuce, tomatoes and bananas.( for the hub and veggie girl)

Nikki said...

This is such a great idea! I never thought about the produce bags that are used for a few hours and tossed! I love tomatoes, apples and pears!


Helen said...

What an unique opportunity to be able to show some compassion towards the people in Haiti, but also to start my own produce bag collection! My favorite produce items are Gala apples, cantalopes, and bananas! I LOVE fruits!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I am emailing everyone. I hope and pray they going green. I use cloth bags. I hope this will inflence some, out a 146 emails in my address book. Three is hard to pick,as a favorite. I eat mostly veggies, furits and nuts. I always worried about the weight of the bag. I use the plastic produce bags for the snow peas, green beans, nuts.I use cloth bags for everything else, go through self check out,weigh, then bag. Believe it or not, it was a bad bag thing. I had to insist after requesting the groceries be laid back in the basket and I would bag them in my cloth bags once to the trunk. "please put them in the basket I will bag them." Went in for one item,big sale.Thinking no problem, they will be thrilled not to bag. NOT>(
My sewing machine is buried because of construction, and have had both feet in surgery. So, life is in the bed both feet up. I think all that you are doing is of most wonderful.

Erin said...

Thank you for donating to Haiti, and for the giveaway. My favorite produce items are sweet potatoes, onions and mushrooms. airynd(at)gmail(dot)com

Carla said...

Thank you for all you do and for your pledge to donate to Haiti.

My favorite produce items are tomatoes, broccoli and arugula! And I would love to carry them in one of your lovely bags.


Nancy from Kentucky said...

I'm Nancy, I love to sew and save, great idea, love to have a sample ,of the produce bags.

favorites: lettuce, spinach, green beans

Thank you in advance, Nancy in Kentucky

nancyj said...

forgot the city
Radcliff KY

Angela said...

What an adorable contest! If I win, I am filling up my bags with homemade goodies and giving them away to friends so I can help spread the word and support this effort! Thanks for all you do!

I love cucumbers, avocados, and nectarines.


Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

What a great giveaway. I have made a couple of your shopping bags from the tutorial, but haven't made any of the produce bags. Would love to win some first!

My three favorite produce items would be avocados, onions, and garlic.


andrea said...

broccoli is a must have at all times in our house,
bananas have a special place on the counter, and I love pumpkins. i wish they were available all year! so to make up for the absence i bake, puree and then freeze them so that i can make yummy treats year round with fresh pumpkin, it's so much better then that canned stuff, and no waste!


Misty Albany, Oregon said...

This time I wont forget my email!!
3 favorite produce would have to be onions, apples and oranges!! Those are my gotta haves!! Thanks for so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting something like this... Hope I get a set!
My mail

AMIRA said...

I hope to win a set of her wonderful bags. My mail is

Anonymous said...

I'm Don and I can sew. was 20 years in the Navy and needed it. Veggies are cucumbers, potatoes, and onions.
Hope I win.

Neky White said...

I wanna help the haitians too, if this comment help, I'm happy.(and if I win a kit, too) My favorite produce items are avocado, apples and oranges =9

muza (at)live (dot) com (dot) mx

bubbachenille said...

Hi Green bag lady, My fave produce is asparagus, mango and leeks and what a great idea these produce bags are ! Thanks for the entry !
bubbachenille at bigpond dot com

Crystal said...

The produce bags are a wonderful idea. I've been taking old t-shirts and old scrubs and making reuseable bags for groceries for my family.

Our family's FAVE produce items are AVOCADOS (we go through them like water) PEPPERS (the girls love them for snack time) & most definitely CANTALOPE!!!!

Thanks for sharing and God Bless you for the donations.

Crystal & Family


Leslie said...

How cool!

Top produce: green apples, strawberries, and carrots

Leslie said...

I forgot my email address:

Thank you :)

FibreJunky said...

This is so cool! I *just* got sent your blog link...

Can't wait to read more!