James and the Giant Donation!

Hi Teresa,
Sorry I didn't get to meet you yesterday but we were trying to multitask with our various acts of hauling. James was quite thrilled to be able to meet you and pass on the material.
We are very happy to have found you and are grateful for all you are doing with this. It just couldn't have been a more perfect fit for passing the things on. Thank you very much. And thank you for the bags also. They are adorable and I know we will put them to lots of good use. Best wishes to you and your endeavours.
Cynthia Wood
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A huge thank you to Cynthia and James for their donation of many bins and rolls of fabric and a huge amount of art supplies. This will keep us sewing for a long time. The photo is of James with the donation and the bags I sent home with him! Teresa

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Kelly said...

What a great picture and wonderful donation!!!