Whisker Graphics Bag!

Hi Teresa,

I have been working on getting a photo of the bag in action. It’s amazing how hard it seems for me to adopt a new habit! I’ve had the cute bag you made for me sitting by my purse on the counter so it would be “at the ready”. I’m embarrassed how many times I’ve forgotten it! Yesterday I folded it and put it IN my purse. Today is the first day it “saw action”. I had some clothes to exchange and I happily sported the bag! Of course, I forgot to take a picture (probably cause I was so giddy about remembering to use the bag!).

Attached is a photo I had my daughter take of me and #8036 on our front porch.

Fear not. Just because I wasn’t carrying your fabric bag on my recent outings doesn’t mean I used paper or plastic. Any time I could manage, I carried items in my hands and didn’t use any bag at all. But each and every time I had to do that I was wishing I had your Green Bag Lady Bag with me!

Because of you I’m so much more conscious and thoughtful about using any type of plastic. Maybe my new “green” habit is forming slowing, but it is forming!

Thanks so much for the wonderful bag and all your efforts!

Whitney Beard

Whisker Graphics

(her blog) (her shop!)

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I met Whitney "on line" after I bought some Divine Twine from her. I just love it. Read about it below:

Eco-luxe bakers twine in yummy colors. Perfect for wrapping a gift or using in your design projects. Dress up your packages, letters, boxes, gift tags, baked goods or greeting cards. Perfect for scrapbooking and crafting fun.

Great care has been taken in creating our Divine Twine. It’s s made from 100% cotton and is bio-degradable, so it’s earth friendly. It’s sturdy and strong with a 4-ply twist. The white is nice and bright so it offers a clean, fresh look to all your projects. Made in the USA

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