President's Day FREEBIE!

For President's Day and for those of you hopping over from Bakerella, let's do a FREEBIE! I will give away THREE bags to THREE lucky winners made out of fabulous AMY BUTLER fabric pictured above. Amy Butler was kind enough to send us some more fabric and I have been itching to make bags from it! The bags will look something like the ones pictured below from this past post.

To win, please follow the rules below::::::::::

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks.

•In the comment tell us your favorite thing about BAKERELLA.


•We will be giving THREE bags made from Amy Butler fabric to THREE lucky winners. If you already have a bag, you can win one for someone that doesn't. Only one Green Bag Lady bag per person please. Thanks.

•We LOVE comments and FREEBIES so tell all your friends!

Happy day--Teresa



Anonymous said...

She's from the south (and so am I) and seems to be just the most sweetest creative lady ever! :) My favorite thing is that she posts things that make me smile and want to be creative just like her :)

Anonymous said...

I'm here from Bakerella's site! My favorite thing about her is that she's always so cheerful. It makes me happy to read her blog!

cindy said...

She has the best photos of her adventures, ever. I am such a visual person that I can easily replicate her attempts.


Misty Albany, Oregon said...


Chocolate, dessert, cake?? Need I say more. Yum and fun.

Crystal said...

I love how perfect everything looks! She is so creative:)
joshcrystal at verizon dot net

Maureen said...

My favorite is definitely how creative she is with what she makes. I love her detailed recipes and step by step pictures that make baking her recipes fun. All time favorite? Gotta go with the cake pops !

Meredith said...

My fave thing about Bakerella?
Total Epic Cute.
Everything she makes is just so darn cute I want to squee LOL!

Anonymous said...


Her recipes are approachable and don't seem intimidating.

Heather said...

While there is so much to love about Bakerella (red velvet cake balls?!?), I suppose my truly favorite thing is how sweet she is to share her blogging friends. There are so many other fabulous sites I've been directed to by her blogsite. I get to try her sweet recipes and share in her wonderful circle of blog friends.

I love this fantastic blogosphere!


charlotte said...

amazing photos, fun baking ideas, and easy-to-understand recipes... love it! i absolutely adore the printable frosting sheets and edible ink cartridges! too fun (:



(i would love to be able to give my mum a green bag lady bag!)

Leesa said...


Gosh! What can I say that hasn't been said by everyone else? The thing that I love best about Bakerella is not just that she is so creative and cute and takes the best pics of her creations... but that she has taken the time to do ALL of that... AND share it with ALL of us!!
I am sooo thankful for Bakerella because she is she a generous person- I think that she does this not for herself-- but for all of us!
Thank you so much Bakerella-- You are really my hero!!!
LGIRASOL (at) earthlink (dot) net

Thanks to you Teresa... for posting a free bee- and for the question being what we love about Bakerella.. I could really name about a million things but her generosity is something I have been thinking about a lot lately!
Take care,

Cierra said...

My favorite thing about Bakerella's site is that her fabulously handmade treats and easy to follow directions inspire me to practice my baking skills in my dorm kitchen! just this past week, i lugged baking supplies, pans, and decorating goodies down a flight of stairs to our kitchen (twice!) to make cake pops and cake balls.
They were soooo worth it:)
♥ Cierra LaShay ♥


Anonymous said...

I really love Bakerella! Especially all the little items you can make. Kids LOVE those bite size things alot!

mary said...

I love all the tiny bite size items, they are great for kids, and adults. lol

sjhackney said...

I love those Vintage Valentine cookies on Bakerella's blog. They are so fascinating! And the photos are very good. Sally sjhackney (at) yahoo (dot) com

dre said...

i love that she makes everything seem so fun and easy but also tells you when she messes up and that it's ok to make 10 batches of something to get that perfectly baked treat! mistakes are tasty too!

dreha3 AT yahoo DOT com

Sheena said...

I have to pick one thing?? lol, I think my absolute favorite thing about Bakerella is how there's always a story or something that drags you into her posts, even past the delish recipes and pics. Even if I wasn't a baker, I'd read her blog--she's witty, creative, and even though I'm not always brave enough to try some of those recipes, they're definitely a source of inspiration when I'm baking.


Melony said...

Wow! I did not even know about Bakerella until I stumbled upon your Green Bag Lady site (which I absolutely LOVE, by the way!). Now I'm looking forward to getting to know Bakerella - the comments are outstanding and have really piqued my curiosity!

Green Bag Lady, you ROCK! I hope you'll have an event in the Louisville, KY area soon!

All the best,

sweetpea said...

I love Bakerella's beautiful pictures that "tempt" and entice you to try and make all of her yummy treats! Have followed her for a couple of years... and love all of the deliciously beautiful treats... now I love adapting them for my little allergy daughter...easy to adapt and make them vegan!

bubbachenille said...

How could you go past the cake pops! They are so cute.
bubbachenille (at)bigpond(dot)com

raegan said...

She's just a creative blogger who likes cute foodie stuff who made it big doing what she likes. Who wouldn't like that?

Raegan DeWitt

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

talk about talent !
bakeralla seems to be such a vibrant lady with an incrediable talent whom she shares with all. SUPER cute , she is inspiring :)

KiraAJ said...

I love bakerellas cake pops! I made puppy pops for my sons bday last yr! not her exact recipe ofcourse seeing i cant follow a recipe if u paid me too lol...but they were similar! my sons puppy pops were spotted he wanted spotty pups! so tasty and great for lil ones!
I have already won one of greenbag lady bag for myself! i would love to win one for my mother in law! she just commented on my bag the other day :D
kirajacobs43558 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

How do I love Bakerella? Let me count the ways... She's creative, smart, funny, her photos are beautiful, but most of all I love that she puts so much time and effort and especially passion into both her baking and blogging. It takes a lot of work to bake, cool, decorate, etc., and I love that she shares her hard work with the world. Indeed, her website always reminds me that hard work brings good things! =)

Lysa said...

Who could go wrong with a blog about desserts?! LOVE Bakerella!

My email: lysaq(at)

Thanks for a chance to win :)

~K said...

I would love to win a bag for my daughter! I bought some fabric, so I can begin to use the pattern you e-mailed me.

So excited to get started!!

~K said...


I forgot to add:

kaysimmy at yahoo dot com :)

clairebakescakes said...
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clairebakescakes said...

I stumbled into your site from Bakerella's site, she's got me hooked on her cake pops and everything else she has on her site. I loved sewing and still am but my carpal tunnel has been acting up lately. Must be the dang NY weather. Since I've seen you site, I'm definitely taking my 2 sewing machines out and clean them. I will start sewing again and see where my bags will take me :-)
CLAIREPFENDLER @ yahoo . com

Jackie D. said...

I love the Bakerella site. What first made want to peruse her blog were those adorable cake pops. I love them.


Anonymous said...

Love the recipes. I have never considered baking but each time I read a post I want to run into my kitchen and bake, anything. :D


Grace Wong said...

I love everything she makes. cuteness, great photos, great food, she has it all!

I'd love to win this for my mom!

Erin said...

My favorite thing about Bakerella is definitely her creativity (and obvious patience). I would love to have the creative genius and commitment to come up with and make her awesome cake pops!

Alyssa said...

The cake pops are my favorite!! LOVE THEM!


Happy day--Teresa

Sonja said...

Those lollies look yummy, I might have to try one(or maybe two) Ohh I want to win on e for my daughter in-law!

Carmen823 said...

Bakerella's creations are so inspiring and her step-by-step photos so helpful. Everything is just too cute and yummy looking.
And those cake pops...they're not just for kids! ;)


Anonymous said...

Bakerella rocks because of the yummy recipes and the best photos. How can you not like or want to bake after reading a post?


albacoffie said...

I simply LOVE how cute everything Bakerlla makes is!!


Holly said...

My sweet tooth is enormous, and my love of creativity almost as big, which puts me in drooling awe of Bakerella!

hollybu (at) gmail (dot) com

Anna said...

Beautiful perfection!!
aehaas(at) gmail (DOT)com

Anonymous said...

Her cupcake pops!! :)

And, I love your daughter's valentines - so sweet!

lsallen88(at)yahoo(dot) com

Gail said...

I'm here from Bakerella!
Love reading about her creations!
Thought the Valentine from your daughter was priceless!
My bags are always in the car! Most can be washed with no problem!
Great thing you're doing!

Debbie's Doodles said...

I love the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Piggeldy said...

For me, it's all about the wow factor, combined with an amazing amount of cuteness. I mean... come on... Cupcake Buns, Brownie Burgers and Cookie Fries? Where else can you get that? Her baking (and her pictures) is just perfect in so many ways. And now that she got scales I bet I can stop converting her recipes from coups, ounzes and pinches to grams ;)


Angela, Bryan, Ella said...

my favorite thing about BAKERELLA is her enthusiam!!
your bags are absoloutely gorgeous!!
Angela :)


dinataruni said...

Bakerella is sweet and inspires me to make cute adorable things.

I would looooove a bag because I never use paper or plastic... but I seem to have lost all my tote bags! Now when I go shopping I either cram everything into my purse or carry it.

Email is dinataruni(at)gmail(dot)com

Jaclyn said...

My favourite thing about Bakerella? The fact that she makes her detailed and ADORABLE stuff seem so utterly do-able. I feel like I have a shot at pulling off some of the stuff she makes!


annie.marie said...

I love Bakerella!! My favorite thing she's ever posted was the Surprise Engagement post!! I LOVED IT. So cute..

and obviously everything she makes looks fabulous.. I mean, COME ON, who wouldn't love tiny little cakes on sticks?!


Helen said...

Just looking through her site makes me hungry for sweet things :) Wonderful photos!

scrambledhenfruit said...

I love everything on Bakerella's site...anything on a stick is just so doggone cute! I want to make it all. :)