Valentine Making

I showed little girl this post over at Sew Mama Sew and we both agreed that they would make great Valentines for her class. We didn't stuff them so she could write on them. Instead, we used 2 pieces of fabric lined with fusible interfacing. We simply pinned the pieces together and then cut them out. I cut the hearts freehand so they are all different, but you could make a pattern out of cardboard or use a cookie cutter.
Little Girl removing all the pins.
I'm so glad this went into a pet bed instead of the garbage/landfill.
The finished hearts. Aaaaaah. . . We made sure we had some boy and some girl patterns for the kids in her class.
Closer view. We got a little nuts and made more than she will need, but I will just give some to my friends too!
Little Girl then took fabric markers and wrote the names of the kids. She also drew pics on the side that was blank. Most of the hearts were white on the opposite side.
The finished product. This was a fun project, used MANY scraps (yay) and didn't cost us anything as we already had all the supplies. This is what Little Man and I are going to make for his Valentines. So cute and we have all those supplies too! Have a great week everyone! Teresa


Kelly said...

What a cute project! Looks like your Little Girl is having fun!

I'm sure they will be the hit of the class!

MissesStitches said...

These are great, Teresa! Good job of re-purposing some scraps!

abbyglassenberg said...

The fabric heart valentines are so lovely! And hope you enjoy making the paper planes, too!