Interior Revolution Bag!

Hi Teresa!

Here's the picture of me with the bag (which I LOVE by the way). My 8 y.o. son took it, which explains the slight blurriness, not to mention the odd angle. He was very excited to be the official photographer though, so it's worth it!

Thank again!!!
Rachel Hulan, IIDA, CID, CGBP


A little note about Rachel and The Interior Revolution. I was introduced to her site via Harmony. Harmony was telling people to go enter Rachel's soy candle giveaway last month. I entered and WON! I have entered other site freebies and have never been chosen. Now it did help that only 4 other people also entered! :)

So, this is what is going to happen, ALL of you are going to start reading Rachel's blog and entering her giveaways. Why? I LOVE her blog. Really I do. I do not say that lightly. Rachel does such a great job about touching on SO many sustainable interior decorating ideas that I love to see what she has on there from day to day. Thanks Rachel for the candle and for using your bag. YAY! Teresa

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Harmony said...

Rachel rocks! Happy you 2 made the connection and that you WON the candle. I agree, her blog is top notch! Did you know she is a big part of the reason I did a ginkgo print? Ask me to tell you about it sometime.