New Jersey Bags!


Finally -- after big rainstorms here in the Northeast and the resulting power outages -- we got ourselves organized to take the photo with our new bags, for the Green Bag Lady website! It is attached. Marian and I put items into the bags for the picture, but they really could have held more because sturdy cloth bags hold so much. Sorry that the sunlight washed out the pattern on my bag a little; it's pretty in real life and as you can see, it goes with my favorite shoes!

I enjoy visiting the website and reading the notes from all the like-minded good people who admire your work as I do. And it was fun to see my daughter's and my names on the gratifyingly long list of your "customers." I haven't located where your other pix are yet, but those will be fun to see as well.

Thank you on this "Green" holiday, Saint Patrick's Day, for the bags and for having taken the time to correspond with me. And please thank "Bagette Dad" from me, for his wonderful retirement work of funding the shipping of the Green bags. I can't believe that you've already done the cutting of the fabrics I sent, your efficiency is amazing. And for me to know that the fabric my mom left will be travelling all over in the form of useful and attractive bags is very gratifying.

All the best as you work toward Bag #10,000!

Thank you Caroline, we have so enjoyed the box of fabric from you and your mother!

For those of you out there reading, Caroline and I had several nice emails to each other where we discovered that our mothers passed away the same year. I love the fact that we were honored to get a box of her mom's fabric, the vintage patterns are lovely and the bags will find many great homes.

Thanks for shipping it all the way to Tennessee! Hugs--Teresa

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Ivana said...

wow! what a nice bag! it surely can reduce the use of plastic! :)