Ohio Bag Lady!

Hello Bagette Dad!

A few months ago, I won bag #7598 and a 'kit' to make another bag. Well I took it one step further, and used the Green Bag Lady template to make 7 bags as a thank you to some awesome volunteers who help me at the non-profit I work for. The pink bag was made with the fabric you sent. I made one change to the pattern -- lengthening the straps by 6" -- so the strap fabric you sent for that bag is now decorating the top of the bag itself.

Thanks again for my bag (blue with yellow straps) and for giving me this idea for a great thank you gift!

Holly U
Dayton, Ohio
Great work Holly! We love to see it, keep it up!

Also, sometimes the straps on our bags are longer too. We make them no shorter than 18 inches, but often longer, depending on the length of the fabric. We try to have as little waste as possible. Also, the pattern was made for 1 yard or fat quarter quantities of fabric with no waste. Teresa

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