Recycling 103

More info on recycling. . .to read the first post go here.

Again, I am going to assume that ALL of you out there are doing basic recycling of bottles, jars, cans, etc.  Here are some helpful ways to recycle some other things too:

Styrofoam. . .I heard a while back that you could recycle styrofoam at Publix grocery stores, but when I did the last post, I went to their website and couldn't find any information on it so I didn't post about it.  Well, lo and behold, I was at Publix the other day and look at this. . .YAY!  Go go go to Publix and do a little dance while you recycle your foam. However, if you save some of your styrofoam trays, you can do this great project with kids!

I talked about Gimme 5 in the last post too.  But did any of you go and look at their website to see what they do with all the plastic?  Did you?  DID YOU?
They make cool stuff like toothbrushes, kitchenware, etc.  Gimme 5 drop off location are all listed here. They also use the plastic to make Tom's of Maine deodorant packaging. Raise your hand if you use Tom's of Maine deodorant.  Good, ok, I'm going to talk about this a little more in a future post that will include a FREEBIE. . .stay tuned.  Teresa

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