A while back I did this post about how many plastic bags Green Bag Lady has helped save from circulation by encouraging people to switch to fabric. We had only given away 1730 bags at that time (8/24/08). I figured we had saved 735,250 bags that year.

So, let's do the math again.

Green Bag Lady Bags given out to date:  9545

Bags used by the average person per year (350-500) we will just say 425 for this math problem.

9545 X 425 = 4,056,625

Now if all those 9545 people continue to use fabric for all their shopping for the next 20 years, we will all save 81,132,500 from being made and used!

YES, OVER 81 MILLION BAGS!  Keep using fabric everyone!

Have a good week!  Teresa