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Oil Spill Got You Down?
Don't fret, seize the opportunity 

In 1968, when I learned about the population bomb in biology class, I was overwhelmed. The planet was heading for disaster and there was nothing I could do to stop it. In the 70s, it was nuclear weapons; in the 80s, the ozone hole. This spring, it's the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But these days I know something I didn't know then. There is always something I/you/we can do.

I don't mean we can erase the disaster that has already occurred. That's oil under the bridge—and if we're unlucky, into the Gulf Stream. What we can do is help prevent recurrence. For recurrence is not only likely but inevitable as long as we allow offshore drilling, depend on oil and, indeed, continue to consume energy as if there were an unlimited supply.

Therefore, this is the time—when we are sick at the thought of the workers killed, sea turtles and other endangered species harmed, fisheries ruined, coastline polluted and coral reefs destroyed—to change our lives.

To begin, we must change our mindset.

Read what to do and the rest of the article here.

Article by Sheryl Eisenberg

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Sudha said...

I am so glad to see a post on this...i did one on the green cursader and was planning to publish another soon...a detailed one with complete report about major oil spills that have occurred in the last twenty years...i was disappointed that i couldnt get peopel interested...i hope a more popular blog such as yours will do something miraculous